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    A minor blues in G with unusual turnaround change (Ab7 G7 Gb7 F7).

    Had a rough time lately learning to use a USB mixer, my laptop and Reaper for recording. (The snag was with the ASIO drivers. It took a while to figure that out and another while to find the right fix for it.)

    The backing track is from BIAB. My guitar was recorded dry. The recording is almost an afterthought, as I was striving to get anything to record AT ALL and quit as soon as I finally managed. ;o)

    Like this head, though. It's fun to play.
    Not used to playing over those turnaround changes though, so it could be a while before I feel taking 4-5 choruses on this. But I'll get there. I think it's one of my best blues heads.


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    This has got some promise. Keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizenk74
    This has got some promise. Keep it up!

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    ahhh..Mark...some flavors of the late 60's blues bands..a touch of Butterfield and some of the San Fran blues groups

    that raw twangy sound .. you cant teach it..you know it or you dont..