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    Another '90s demo. This became my theme song after having so many demos rejected. I know, I know, they did what they had to do. Well, so did I!


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    If I Could Sing
    Wordsand Music by Mark Rhodes

    I'd rule the world, an infinite range
    The diamonds in my pockets would be small change
    I would reign supreme if I could sing
    And I'd have it all 'cause I wouldn't want anything

    If I could sing
    I'd be a king
    I can't sing

    I wanted that to flutter birdlike between my lips
    But it came out acidic like some Dalmatian's piss
    It was scratchy and scared and sour as kraut
    It's a rasp if I whisper, and a crack should I shout

    IfI could sing
    People would be touched
    I can't sing

    My demos come back marked, “Go find a singer.”
    Son, if you ain't a loser you are one dead ringer.”
    Now only Lou Reed can walk a voice like that.”
    "Son,when you hit your own grave you'll be seven-feet flat.”


    Now I'm gonna sing, whatever comes.
    At least speak plain and pump the drums
    But I won't a hire a stranger to hit this note--
    It just ain't worth your acceptance to slit my throat.

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    I enjoyed that, Mark. Far better than most things I've seen Mr Cowell give a thumbs up to. Then again, I like Lou Reed!

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    Awesome, your lyrics made me smile and laugh. I'm getting use to your lyrics being clever and fun with a lot of good one (or more) liners. And, a Zappa like irreverence.

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    Have you even thought about jazz for one minute since you got your tele???

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmic gumbo
    Have you even thought about jazz for one minute since you got your tele???
    Yes. I think I posted six clips in the "one chorus of rhythm" thread Mr. Beaumont started, among other things.

    This demo is from the '90s. I didn't have a Tele then. (I was playing a Strat.)

    I work on jazz daily but I don't write jazz songs.

    Jazz is not my wife. My wife is my wife. (And she really likes this song, but not as much as "Damn It, Daisy.")