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    Music / Voicings (-from jottings in a mss book to the finished score)
    Fragments --possible titles, good lines, licks, riffs, ideas, intros, a bridge, a good ending, and so on
    The whole shmear.

    My approach (which amounts to various bad habits developed over many years) no longer satisfies me. I wonder how those who do a better job of all this do it.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Unfinished pieces: in pencil, stacked by category; lyrics: saved in Word, and backups on legal pads; finished work: almost all now transcribed into Finale' by a student (to be published when finished), original manuscripts in file cabinet behind the print sheets. Then there are recordings, commercially available or on websites; plus I have masters to every recording I've made since 1991 (a good thing, since I lost the sheet on the last tune slated for inclusion in the book), and recordings of almost all the radio shows I've appeared on, many where I played my pieces.

    But I didn't back everything up---and it cost me. I started writing a book about the NY jazz scene of the '70s-'80s that I was a bit player in. Got over 100 pages in, no backup---and the computer's hard drive crashed. I can either start again from scratch, and some disorganized, scattered notes---or, way more expensive---pay a techie to fish the 2 files out.

    PhD earned from the School of Hard Knocks (and the annex, Dumb Mistakes)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmic gumbo View Post
    That's my system! I think it needs work. ;o) I'm getting older and hate bending over to pick sh*t up off the floor.

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    I have the same problem. I’ve started using Notion to organize things with multiple tags etc. It’s a big job but I am finding things I didn’t know I had so maybe worth it. Figuring out a useful classification/tagging scheme is challenging too. Yet another work in progress.

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    Years ago I recorded my songs on a 4-track.
    Now I have a shoebox full of cassettes but no player. I'll get one eventually---I have to go back through that stuff to separate the wheat from the chaff.
    And lots of manuscript books, some with pretty much whole songs charted out and other bits titled "great groove" or "funky blues" or "nice riff" or "speed lick."
    As for lyrics, I'm not sure where the hell they all are! Perhaps in a box in storage.

    I want everything (or at least everything I still have an interest in playing or salvaging something from) where I can get at it.
    Easier said than done, esp in a small condo!
    But progress shall be made.

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    Cardboard boxes, mostly, full of cassette tapes (sometimes labeled, sometimes not), set lists, lyric sheets, sheet music, CDs (the stack of discs for my solo album UTONIA is a full four inches thick w/o cases) and general musical detritus. I know this because my Great Corona Virus project is creating and digitizing an archive of my oeuvre, such as it is. I'm reminded of times good and bad, flops, bombs, stinkers and sinkers; things that worked on paper but....
    It's all good. Well, pretty good. At least there will be something to play at my memorial service. And Doritos and dip for everyone!

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    This past week I've taken out a few much-used manuscript books for 15-20 years ago. Found bits and pieces that now inspire songs. (Which is why we're always told to Save Everything.) That's nice. Better than nice, exciting and inspiring.

    Glad this is a 3-day weekend (here in the US, anyway), and I've set aside hours of each day to decrease the clutter and at least figure out a way to organize the next batch of new material (and also charts I want for standards I play, the changes I like, voicings, etc) and also ideas gleaned from threads here about fingerings, substitutions, voicings, technical exercises. I need an office! ;o)