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    Brilliant player composer who some here might appreciate. Certainly not "jazz" however he does have compositions where improvising is in use. Coryell worked with him previously probably some others I'm unaware of. Played in a masterclass for him in Toronto, talk about nervous...wonderful guy and very encouraging teacher. He played a recital that blew everyone away. From the Bach Chaconne, Jobim, Hans Werner Henze (with a cello bow!) take that Jimmy Page...Check him out.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Given that he's 81, he is hardly a new discovery

    I'm playing his Estudios Sencillos (Simple Etudes) at the moment. Great to get into Latin American rhythms, and also great training for both hands. Highly recommended. The Nos. 19 and 20 are highly atonal and improvisational, too.


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    Included on her new album, which includes a piece written for her by Brouwer.
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    I have a few of his etudes constantly on my rep.