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    Been awhile...

    ... anyway, looking into my old iPhone, searching for lost song ideas,
    I found the following riff from Mother's Day 2012. At the end of the (guitar only) idea
    my late wife Martha can be heard in the kitchen as I am banging away saying "Break it Baby!"

    Inspired, decided on Happy Mother's Day as a theme...

    2 days later (Wed 1/15) I came up with this song, or, this song came up with me... I don't know, but I
    had the most intense feeling of overwhelming joy when the bridge was transmitted to me.....

    Just banging away live in my living room into my Samsung S8, so don't expect studio quality
    .. but definitely hoping to put some positive energy into the ether!

    For all of the Mother's out there!

    Playing my Trenier Excel very lightly amplified (Henriksen Convertible Stealth 12 cab) TI-GB14's BC LG Jazz 35 pick


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    I felt the positive energy in the ether surround me as I was listening.

    Congrats and Thanks!