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    Hey Guys!
    Technically I'm wrong in the Composition-Section, since I didn't write the Song, but I still thought it fit here best.
    I'm experimenting with something completely new (at least for me) on this Arrangement for my Band and would appreciate any kind of Feedback.

    What I had in mind:

    I really like the idea behind Electro-Swing, in the sense of taking something old and mixing it up with new grooves. I also like the fact, that there is a whole different audience to this Genre.

    So my Idea was to take that idea even one step further by applying these electronic Grooves and taking them back to a traditional swing Band that imitates these new Sounds in a purely acoustic manner. Does that make sense?
    Our working title for that is "analogue-electro-Swing"
    I don't know if anybody ever tried that before, but I find it really enjoyable writing and playing this stuff.
    I really dig all the old guys and their playing, but I always felt like just reproducing something, and finally I think I'm on the path to creating something new.


    Would love to hear what you guys think of it.



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    Dig the sound & feel. Further exploration would be fruitful, I think.
    Best regards, k

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizenk74 View Post
    Dig the sound & feel. Further exploration would be fruitful, I think.
    Thank you!

    I'll sure be posting any new developments on here!


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    I dig it ... some of it has a bit of a Tom Waits‘y feel to me (which I like a lot) ... but it does sound fresh and it grooves - keep us posted!

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    It sounds good, I'm hearing other groups on youtube doing this acoustic treatment of electro-swing and appling it to some pop tunes.

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    I thought that was a very cool tune. I don't know much about electro-swing, but I have played with guys who were very much into bringing EDM type grooves into jazz, and had a good deal of fun with that.

    I think it's a promising area. I'd say go with it.
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    I like this a lot. Is it safe to assume you play dance venues?

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    Sorry for being late to the party...
    ...but WHAT A PARTY!!!

    That was fantastic!

    I will begin a stalking campaign for the Lone Digger Gramaphoniacs post haste!
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    I've never heard the term "Electro Swing" before so that was a new one on me.

    I liked what I heard and thought it was cool stuff!

    So I say continue forward!!

    Steven Herron
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    Hey Guys!
    Thanks for all the replies and all the feedback so far!
    I've been busy writing new arrangements in this style, and think I'm on to something there!
    We're all in our mid-twenties in my Band, and this way, for the first time in my life I geat people of my own age to Jazz-music, which I gotta say is kinda nice!

    We do play a lot of dance venues, but usually we play mostly "traditional" swing there. We got great feedback playing this kind of music at the local Bars. We're currently trying to build up Repertoire with this kind of music and then try to get gigs at clubs that usually play electronic music. Would be interesting to see how it works out for that audience.

    Here is link to the original Version of the Song, that I based my Arrangement on:


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    You know Too Many Zooz? They are the high point of many a subway rider commuting the Metro in NY

    Not very electro but certainly electrifying!

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    I don't understand what you are talking about in the body of your post but your track sounds great! Thank you for sharing.

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    That was a Hop'n Groove Man , not shure if i have heard electronic Swing do you mean they use only Midi to do the sound like all synth