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    This is the first ever rock song I have composed, albeit they are loops from Garage Band. I was able to get a Steinberg UR22 this past week as my USB Interface so I can plug in my electric guitar on my Ipad. I'll be recording rock songs composed of more original material shortly. Also, I am not a real drummer, but I played drums for a few years in college. I was able to get the complete set of Cobus Method DVDs at Amazon and it's on the way. Hopefully, I'd start making some original drum beats as well.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Original drum beats should be interesting.

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    Carbon Copy - The Inner Urge

    Guitarist/Violinist - Pittsburgh, PA
    Vibraphone fronted ambient/fusion:

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    Many think it my best. (Note: I've changed one lyric in the verse from 'and September turns to may' to the more sensible 'that's the time for us to say'---it's on the edited demo, which I'm too stupid to know how to upload).

    Vicki Doney, vcl, Steve Ash, pno Recorded 2006

    Shelter has a lyric---it's printed on Melody Messenger, available for purchase:

    1. Shelter by joel fass | Free Listening on SoundCloud This isn't the instrumental version from Melody Messenger (somehow deleted from SoundCloud) but a demo for the 1st commercial recording. Good band, nice lady, but I'm not wild over what she did w/it (wrong lyric, wrong melody). She paid me, though...

    Your Call is VERY Important To Us... by joel fass | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Ray Macchiarolla going a little crazy in studio on the forthcomoming Joel Fass and Friends Jam for Eddie Diehl (the other tracks are straight ahead swingers or ballads...

    You're My Foundation---lyric co-written by Jimmy Norman as payback to the Jazz Foundation of America---is seen here in a JFA PSA video featuring Quincy Jones and the late Dr. John---neither of whom heard of us (well, Dr.John must have know about Jimmy, who wrote lyrics to Time is on My Side and with Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Note 2 things: the singers in the choir are all JFA clients; and the BS story Jimmy tells introducing the song is just that---the idea was MINE, not his to write it for the JFA.

    JFA is a musician's charity that has done amazing work for musicians in need. They about saved my life, helped me move---among many other things. And they do them daily for so many of us. To learn more/donate: Jazz Foundation of America

    All songs by Joel Fass (c) Exemplar (ASCAP) You're my Foundation co-written w/Jimmy Norman Nude Dude
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    Thank you, Vladan. It's only a long noodle and an experiment really. I re-wrote the 12-bar like this:

    C - Am - Bb7 - A7
    Dm - E7 - Am - D7/Ab7
    Dm - Db7 - C/Eb7 - Ab7/G7

    The first Dm is an F sub and the second is a G7 sub, so the 'rules' are maintained... I think

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    Here's an album I released last year. All of the tunes except tracks 3 & 6 are original compositions.

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    Inspiration hit me on the bus back to Philly last night. This may be one of my better lyrics. Def gonna be a waltz w/sing-along chorus:

    Rise Joel Fass (C) 2019 Exemplar (ASCAP)

    The Sun watched Lazarus rise up again
    One gray and overcast day
    So Lazarus rose, then the sun came out
    To chase the rain and clouds away
    What a wonderful day!

    Rise, Lazarus, rise
    The Sun watched Lazarus rise
    Then rose, himself, to the skies
    Glad to watch Lazarus rise

    The Sun saw Jesus being crucified
    One gray and overcast day
    And Jesus rose up, then the sun came out
    To chase the rain and clouds away
    What a wonderful day!

    Rise, Jesus, rise
    The Sun watched Jesus rise
    Then rose, himself, to the skies
    Glad to watch Jesus rise

    Then the Sun watched the serpent try to rise
    One gray and overcast day
    Satan tried to rise, but the Sun locked the skies
    And the rain just fell and fell
    As the devil fell back into hell

    Rise, you Sun, do rise
    To watch for the good and the bad
    The good always gets you glad
    While the malicious just makes you mad

    So rise up, mankind, rise
    As the Sun will open the skies
    When mankind has grown to be wise
    And the Sun will be glad----to watch man----kind----rise!