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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter C View Post
    Great stuff. Needed its own thread.
    thanks for checking the music out Peter!

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    Here is one I wrote about what is in store for us ...

    Note: It is NOT about who you think it is, just the opposite...

    measure with micrometer... mark with chalk... cut with axe

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    This Forum Thread is a Gas Man

    some real good example of Jump Jazz

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    whatever this is

    Hi, I've spent most of my guitar time (on and off for year long stretches) making up things, and only now started to study and learn a bit - I went for jazz (that's why I'm here now). Here's a tune I did on chemo two years ago, so maybe chemo isn't so bad It's not jazz but maybe there's something jazz like in it? Dunno

    here's another, way older one

    Twilight Blue by Gonorreo | ReverbNation

    I'm having a lot of fun listening through all the previous posts on this thread, lots of diversity, some of them blew me away!

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    Sorry to have been absent for a while. Some really great music on here! So nice to see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papawooly View Post
    Here is one I wrote about what is in store for us ...

    Note: It is NOT about who you think it is, just the opposite...

    Really lovely song, (I have no idea what the words mean) i dont think that matters,
    now keep it simple DO NOT JAZZify

    cool vocals, certainly has something, It needs arranging ( nothing bad) everything does
    i thought i heard bass coming in at one point, it reminds me of early 70s Shaun Phillips. Tim Buckley,
    early Elvis Costello, talking vocal delivery obviously not poppy

    I would tighten it up, put a pinch more groove in sorry cant find words, @ mo, it's very floaty (good) maybe
    at end of phrases and beginning, dont play too much .

    Very good, also no drums & bass as such is nice, 99% music today is looped crap.

    Keep going Papa, i think it is actually quite commercial ( thats not a bad thing, essentially means its marketable)

    Dont take my references to heart, it just made me think of those kind of people. I listened to it 4 times.

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    Great review that last one!

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    Wow, lots of folks writing stuff! Very cool. I forgot that one of mine is out on the interwebs via my former quintet. This is a "warts and all" studio recording- live, no corrections or overdubs. On the site, click on "OT Blues" which is the original I composed for the band.

    (Played on my Cushman archtop, made by forum member Matt Cushman with Kent Armstrong floating PAF, AI Clarus head, either a Redstone RS 8" or a RE 12"- from the tone as I hear it, probably the former.)

    Optimum Trajectory | ReverbNation
    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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