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    a composition of mine. Jack In The Box ..... Post Bebop Waltz for small children

    melody begins with my musically modified version, of "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah" since the begginging of time all the world's children, sing this in every country. The Carnatic south Indian styled vocal ending is my approximation, That part its not real....... i tried. it took hours to get right.

    My big Gibson is in there, it does not sound like Tal Wes etc its not supposed on this, starting as a waltz into swing then back to Bavaria, what may throw the ears is the Timbre, if you dont what that means....... oh well different instruments playing the same sound. Form ABCD out

    Q. why does this not sound like a regular jazz tune
    A. well the instrumentation, it moves simply through different time signatures 3/4 to 4/4 to 3/4 to 4/4 etc
    Q. What about the Harmony
    A. Pretty conventional in places a bit of Major7#5 going on in 3/4 always good.
    Q. why this tune and not something else
    A, Good question, choosing is hard especially when as i do have enough orignal material for 9-10 cds excluding improv
    Q. Do you think this song would be popular
    A. Not at all, not a hope in hell
    Q. So why bother
    A. Well it could easily be modified into a REGULAR AABA or ABAC form, not only that it is merely a chunk of music, do you want it to be a song?
    Q. thinking of Mingus do you think this sounds like his excusions away from standard forms in say some of ah um
    A. polite cough
    Q. I dont get it
    A. You probably never did.
    Q. why did you post this on a Jazz site.
    A. if you stripped away the instrumentation that is flavouring or colouring this piece, you would have an very Melodic melody line.
    and if you played the harmony chords even like a campfire cowboy, in time you would hear some nifty progressions
    Q. You seem pretty self assured
    A. Oh......Thank you. as i said you could start with C section straight ahead 4/4, then whatever. you could even leave out the ending or the begginning in fact, i could really go on. but, its time to go


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    My latest: lyric and (handwritten) lead sheet (Finale sheet to final after final draft):

    Wisdom of the Ages Joel Fass (c) 2020 Exemplar (ASCAP)

    It was long ago the sages
    Wrote the secrets of the ages,
    Then, wisely, concealed them from fools
    But so long on this journey
    I’ve lived all they wrote
    And, as a service to you, reveal these rules:

    V 1: Live every day like it's your last
    For it just may be prove to be so
    Seek every day to learn
    All you've ever wanted to know
    When you're young, why hurry?---be young!
    Savor every moment while you may
    Before Time sneaks up,
    To steal it all away

    V2: Find that special someone
    And love all of her (him)
    Without fear or doubt,
    Discover anew each day in her (him)
    The beauty within, and without
    Rise above life's hurts,
    That bring anger that rages
    And you, too
    May come to know
    The wisdom of the ages

    V3: Dream big---for yourself, be yourself
    All you ever can be, after all
    Don’t suffer fools, don’t give in
    To those who'd have you
    Join them, thinking small
    And as years go by you’ll realize
    It was so right not to bend
    And that’s yours to have and to hold
    Until your days end

    Coda: So for keeping your heart pure,
    You’ve earned the smiles and nods of sages
    School's out! Here's your diploma,
    Stamped: The Wisdom of the Ages
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    Oops! Jumped the gun (again!) and left out some changes---end of p. 3, before the coda. I'm over-tired.

    I'll fill them in and post it. WTF, it's just a scrawled draft anyway...

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    Raw Jazz Rock original tune, all instruments performed by Tony Barbas.
    Thanks for listening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelf
    Oops! Jumped the gun (again!) and left out some changes---end of p. 3, before the coda. I'm over-tired.

    I'll fill them in and post it. WTF, it's just a scrawled draft anyway...
    Here's a corrected lead sheet:

    (Update): Here's my final corrected handwritten sheet until my student can figure putting 8th note triplets inside quarter note triplet brackets, w/o Finale' going nutso (Wisdomfinal):

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    This is my tribute to Jeff Beck, a fusion jam with a heavy dose of da FUNK.

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    New 1st draft lyric---apologies to my 'co-writers', Shakespeare and Steinbeck

    We all know the topic too well...

    Winter of our Discontent Joel Fass © 2020 Exemplar (ASCAP)
    V1:It’s May, yet life’s a blanket of snow
    Black isolation, nowhere to go
    What have we done to deserve this descent
    To the Winter of our Discontent?

    V2: Was only January, life was full, life was fine
    We laughed, we danced, raised high the stein
    To earn our daily victuals, with a Spring in our step we went
    Then that crasher came: the Winter of our Discontent

    Bridge: I love you so, but fear you more
    Will you come in from the cold, bringing death to our door?
    And as you mask your fear of my loving touch
    Again, we ask: ‘How much is too much?

    V3: Autumn will come, a gentle smile, and scatter leaves of hope and faith
    But will the branch of a Brandywine Fall, and fell this wraith?
    What season may we finally thank for delivering ascent
    From the Winter of our Discontent?

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    Latest effort (in Locrian).

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    Here's some old tunes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg
    Here's some old tunes...
    Superb compositions and inspired guitar (and piano, oh, ... and sax) work coming right from the centre of the groove. Slick arrangements, wow. Kind of wondering how/where the tracks were recorded...

    Great stuff!

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    Here's my Wisdom of the Ages, set in Finale' by my star student, Gabe Preston:
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyb300
    This is my tribute to Jeff Beck, a fusion jam with a heavy dose of da FUNK.

    Missed this. It's fun.

    Just thinking that, according to the rules of the forum, if Reg had posted his stuff in a separate thread, it would get trashed after a month due to lack of reponses. That's screwed up IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter C
    Missed this. It's fun.

    Just thinking that, according to the rules of the forum, if Reg had posted his stuff in a separate thread, it would get trashed after a month due to lack of reponses. That's screwed up IMO.

    ... and no biggie on getting trashed, I'm a noob still getting a lay of the land around here.

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    This is from the early '90s---a lush ballad waltz:
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    My student Gabe just gave the Finale' treatment to one of my recent songs. 16 bars, and I couldn't resist writing a couple of soli. So here are lead sheet and chart:
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    Uptempo Fusion track inspired by Weather Report & Return to Forever, all instruments performed by myself, thanks for listening.

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    this is cool... here's a few more.
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    Sorry, did it again :-)

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    Since we are all in the mood ... I already wrote about it in post #31 of this thread
    Our Own Compositions. Post them here!

    It is my composition with backing tracks in various stages. Everyone's invited to record over them as long as they let me publish their attempt at "Project" Sound Cloud page.
    Also, they can publish own attempt in anyway they like, as long as they mention my role in it, with link to my Blog, or to my YouTube.

    Anyway, I forgot to mention that there are chord sheet and lead sheet of composition.
    You can work directly from those:

    - Chords only:
    - Lead sheet:
    (Melody was automatically turned into MIDI and notated from my guitar playing by DAW)

    Publishing rules are same as above. I publish it on "Project" SoundCloud page, you can do whatever, as long as you mention me with link to my Blog, or to my YouTube.

    Here is backing track with pilot melody, for reference:

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    Here's my newest record if anyone may like to check it out! All original compositions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1
    Here you are. I haven't bothered with all the rest of it, I'm not going to do anything funny with it....
    Thanks for doing it. Good attempt. Maybe it would be easier if you used backing without pilot melody? I will try to share it on Project page. Maybe you could send me mp3 on e-mail?
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    This is my latest. Begun as a tribute to musicians who touched my life, then split---too soon. I, of course, had to widen the net since Covid-19 (actually, it was the passing of an old friend from something else that finally got me to the piano). Then, the murder of George Floyd---all the George Floyds. It's an elegy now for so many people---and principles this nation was professed to be built on.

    I scored it for flugelhorn, tenor, piano, bass, drums. It received a (not too great) sneak preview on a streaming solo concert by yours truly a week ago, and will get a proper premiere at a live-streamed concert for Peace, Healing, and Change we're slowly organizing locally in Philly---players and singers. (When my student transcribes the 2 bars I added today to the intro I'll post it). This is the concert score.

    Stay tuned for an announcement re that concert...
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    Pedagogical. Or even for when there is a need...
    I double checked the mistakes but so far, they seem to be clean.

    Update your browser to use Google Drive - Google Drive Help

    oh. the comment about "*"s - thats a slap. or bang. or whatever you feel like.

    The other comment - "nat. (can use scratch or mute strokes instead rests)"

    oh. not "rallentando"... "accelerando"

    ok. still premature. but the notes should be right

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    Joyous music. I'll be listening to this a lot and studying the arrangements. Thank you.

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    Here is one of mine that's fairly guitar-heavy.

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    40 years ago, my friend Rick told me, a little hippie bluegrass southern rock kid, to go check out this guitar player named Jeff Beck. Me and my other great friend Doug took a bus to NYC and just before the show started, scalped what turned out to be 6th row center (for face value!) (Oh, and, thousands of people there and who do you think I see standing in front of me on concessions line? Yep, Rick!) The show blew me away so much it melted my tie dye. Within a year I was at Berklee in Boston chasing Miles and beyond.

    I wrote this years ago thinking of that event where I basically said, for the time being, Adios Senor Garcia and started a journey down another musical path.

    Fast forward to 10 years ago, and here I am (proudly) playing Dead again. Through it all though, then and now, in my own music you can still hear my old hippie roots showing through. I guess you can take the boy out of the Jerry, but you can't take the Jerry out of the boy.....

    Funny, not funny, still can't solo over it...