The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I am a jazz musician looking to play more advanced than the 251 progressions.

    What is the theory when writing your own jazz standards beside 2 5 1.
    2 5 1, then chord scales?

    What is the chord progression behind a song that plays not just the 2 5 1 but other chords that can go along in the same relative scales.

    for example, play a minor 2 5 1 then a major 2 5 1 on top of it???

    I am trying to write my own standards....

    I Just want to know what the formula or theory is when doing so....

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    I am new to the forum and had a couple questions about creating a jazz standard.

    I know they have 2 5 1 progressions.... and in theory that is jazz music...
    My question is what the theory or technical term is called when writing chord progressions not only just using the 251 formulas but also having a 2 section after the 2 5 1 formula...

    What exactly and how exactly do you use passing chords with sub dominant chords substitutions and so on and so on... when do you use tri tones or such as replacing the 2 chords with a flat 9?
    Are there standard harmonies like any suggestions on using rhythm patterns and what they might use in the sense of jazz or does it defy someone's character ability to play that on their own such as maybe a sub dominant 4/4 or major 5th or a 1/16 as a tonic chord...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1

    Where's Gianna? Still talking, somewhere?

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    I swapped her for Dora, it's better :-)

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    1986-1995, I had a Quartet for playing Standards and a Quintet, playing my own compositions (and I taught guitar locally). This, called “Hey Dude” is one of them, recorded (on cassette tape!) in the rehearsal place we used at the time. We never recorded a proper “album”/CD, although I had (still have!) enough material for at least a handful of albums. I was 27 at the time of this recording. I hope you enjoy, and opinions (both favourable and critical) are welcome. The guitar used in the recording is the one I had at the time: a second hand Ibanez GB10 (beautiful guitar, I had to sell it in 1990). Before the GB10 I had had an Ibanez JP20. I remember liking the GB10 better for body-size and sound but prefering the JP 20 for it's slimmer neck and classic (D'Acquisto ...ish) looks.

    Lo fi sound quality. Headphones recommended.

    BenFajen: tenor sax Francesco Barberini: guitar and composition LeonardoPieri: piano and keyboards Raffaello Pareti: bass Walter Paoli: drums

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vladan
    "Serbian DISCO" Electro MIDI

    VladanMovies & CCC - Car Camera Clips: "Serbian DISCO" Electro MIDI/ ...
    2nd clip for same music

    VladanMovies & CCC - Car Camera Clips: "Serbian DISCO" (the title is not the genre) 2nd video/VladanMovies POV Slovenia, Portoroz (Portorose) i Piran (Pirano)

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    More MIDI sequencing (Atari 520, Kawai K1, Alesis HR16, Fostex X26)

    "DISCO" (title), Electro MIDI (genre), 1994

    VladanMovies & CCC - Car Camera Clips: "DISCO" (title), Electro MIDI (genre)/ VladanMovies: POV Driving Venezia - Belgrade,

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    More of my compositions here: some are old cassette-tape live recordings of gigs or rehearsals, some are just Sybelius (software) midi versions.

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    More here: these are all my compositions eccept last one (Gargantua, by Stefano Bollani)

    Quattroquinti Project Plays the Music of Francesco Barberini - Topic - YouTube

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    Here are two different versions of another composition of mine, recorded by the late Luca Flores (Pianist).

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    This was a more "commercial" gig, I composed this song and I'm the guitar player in it.

    The following (from the same project as above) is a composition by Anthony Sidney (American composer/guitarist who lives in Italy). All guitars were played by me in this one.

    From the same gig, this is the "jazzier one": I wrote this tune and played what you can tell is a jazzbox, playing the head and then comping, while Anthony Sidney played the nylon-string guitar improvised solo (and on final Head).

    This, too, I wrote and played both the distorted guitar and the "chimey" harmonix part, while the repetitive line at the end is played by Anthony Sidney on a Telecaster.
    This one has fore of a Prog/Fusion/World (African) flavor.

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    Very good, Luca