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    Quote Originally Posted by joelf
    Leavin' was my (I thought permanent) farewell to NY. This one is an appreciation---and a returning home song (which is real---already have).

    Here's a lyric sheet and lead sheet:
    (You can Take me Out of New York, But) You Can't Take New York Out of Me Joel Fass (c) 2020 Exemplar (ASCAP)

    Verse (rubato):
    Rolled the dice once more,
    Bet my wad on someplace new
    Thought I had the answer this time for sure
    But I only rolled snake eyes,
    So I came down with the blues
    But this time I came up with the cure:

    (Instrumental tempo set up---4 bars)
    (walking swing 12/8 feel tempo):
    Every time I think 'I'll try
    For a fresh start somewhere new'
    I get nowhere but back to reality
    Guess you can take me out of New York
    But you can't take New York out of me

    Jitneyed to Jakarta,
    Hit the pier in Peru
    Yet still I felt out at sea
    'Cause you can take me out of New York
    But you can't take New York out of me

    Bridge: You scrutinize every line
    From every brochure
    Pick a land you bet’s exotic and new
    Make the move, then it hits you hard:
    You’re still the same old you

    So 'adieu', headin' home,
    With a new attitude
    Gonna change my ways
    Instead of my address
    Kiss that Big Apple ground,
    In deep gratitude
    'There's no place like home'
    Ain't just a platitude---
    (ritard, held note on 'yes') And, yes:
    Coda (slower): I'll toast old friends at the tavern
    Raise a glass to bein' home free----
    'Cause you can---(rit) take me out of old New York
    But you can't----take---New York---out of-----me-----(fine')
    Chrissakes, Joel, I don't want to look at a lot of writing, I wanna HEAR it! Don't you ever record your stuff? It's music, not literature!!


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    Space is the place!!!

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    Backing track for one of my songs. There is version with vocals, but I do not have it on hand now.

    Projekat Lesly @ Rke Koke, 7/4 instr./Augmented Reality Driving

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    I stopped sending my compositions here.I'm not sure if anyone is listening to this, it's too much and it's a mess. Sorry.

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    Star student Gabe Preston & crew taking a wild ride on my tune The Man Who Cared Too Much---Chris's, Philly, July 22 (night after my birthday).

    Nice job, lads and lasses...

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    Lead sheet...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    One of my favorites among my recent songs. Backing vocal will have to be amended but you get the idea.

    "Honey, put some pants on 'fore you go outside!"

    If you're like me, you don't wanna work at all.Play guitar, write songs, watch a little football.Read old books, take long walks in the local park.God help me if I have to drive after dark. [PRE-CHORUS] I didn't see it coming I'll hate to see it go. [CHORUS] But if this is my last day---that's okay How did I measure up? Well, who's to say? You want some famous last words, I'll quote my bride: “Honey, put some pants on 'fore you go outside.”If you're like me, you get called a bum a lotAnd told you really don't deserve any good thing you got“You're indifferent, lazy, you just stumble alongWhen life kicks your ass, you just write another song.” [PRE-CHORUS] [CHORUS]When I was a boy, I knew that I could flyI didn't need a plane, or a reason why.I was swirled up tingling into the moonlit skyAnd I'm still, I'm still, I'm still enjoying that ride. [PRE-CHORUS] [CHORUS] If you're like me, that's all you got to say.

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    I have a bad problem of writing CG music that I am too lazy to learn to play. Here is one piece I recorded about 10 years ago. KRB is my daughter who was 3 or 4 when I wrote this. It’s based loosely on a 12-tone row, but hopefully no listener would notice. The Scofield tune Chank was also going through my mind at the time

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    Hi guys,

    I'm new to this community and also i'm pretty new in jazz.
    Started 2 years ago to pick the guitar back up after 6 years ignoring it.
    Since then i'm following guitar lessons to get back on track. After that said

    Here is my first written gypsy jazz song ever, feel free to feedback ! i already know that the tempo sometimes ain't that great !

    cheers !