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    Check This Out! Brad Mehldau inspired tune


    One of my all time loves is Brad Mehldau. I listened to his "The Art of Trio" albums so many times and have always striven to get that beautiful, rich and dense sound into my own playing. One feature I always loved was the fact that Brad is constantly playing two or three parts at the same time and very often keeps an ostinato, a basic pulse with his left hand while putting on top his beautiful and lyrical melodies. The melody of his tune was written with the intent of simulating the left hand of a pianist playing all quarter notes, plus the melody line on top. The right hand part is also doubled by the bass player, as Larry Grenadier often does when playing with Brad.

    Here it is:

    I'd love to hear your opinions.



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    Man... still on the intro. Already sounds great and reminds me of Brad's writing and playing. Very nice stuff. Ooooo... there's the bass. Well done Claudio! I love the sound of piano and upright doubling each other!
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    Thank you very much, man!!

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    That's beautiful Claudio. Is there more like this somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmorash View Post
    That's beautiful Claudio. Is there more like this somewhere?
    Thank you very much! You can find a link to the full album download in the video description and there are several other videos on my channel.

    Here's another track from the same album:

    and here's a live performance with the same cats that played on the record:

    Thanks for checking me out!

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    Haven't listened to Brad too much, but whatever your doing it sounds cool. Steal from the best.

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    I really liked it. Especially because I didn't think it much as guitar music more just music.

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    Thank you very much, man!!

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    Nice! I love how you build up your solo on Winter in Boston.
    And great tone by the way. Is that a PRS hollow body?

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    Great composition and playing!

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    Tanks a lot!!



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    Thank you very much. Yeah, that has been my baby for the last 6 years!

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