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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonah View Post
    Unless you're really Mozart in the real life

    No good or bad... just that he really was extremely prolific and easy-writing... his problem was more how to encounter and survive all these revelations...

    your comparison works better for Beethoven - he really worked hard, his material is very much concentrated, elaborated... his development excesive.. shows a great work done.

    I do not wnat to say it takes no effort... I just think it is wrong about Mozart, but Mozart was unique, there were only few like him...

    yeah, that is true. But for most (Duke seemed to be able to rattle off tons of great music in a great hurry) it's hard work...I think I'm a pretty damn good composer. But if so, it's in great part because I am patient and tenacious...I can do some things very fast....but others take forever, and that's how it is. I think of myself more a sculpter and a story teller (compared to some who think of composing like painting)....and I think writing a piece of music is often like taking a a maple tree. And carving it down to a toothpick.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DMK View Post
    I would say that neither this, or the statement that "B sections are the worst" are true.
    You're too kind.

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    I was using a euphemism to say that ... for me ... a melody or theme or ostinato or something cool will just spill out of me totally naturally while I'm sitting on the train. Fleshing it out and turning it into an entire tune whether that be adding a contrasting section or something else is often the hard part. The idea in the first place isn't. Again... for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamosmusic View Post
    Interesting that we've got 12 billion threads on gear but it's been almost an entire month since anyone's posted about composition.

    anyone here into writing or arranging? Why or why not? Just curious
    Always have. I enjoy composing and feel like it's part of being a total musician.

    And regardless of how good you are at it, it helps you learn about the structure of music and how things work.

    if nothing else it gives you a better appreciation of space. LOL