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    I have composed 4 pieces and would like to get them transcribed, as I can neither read nor write music. I have two ballads, a medium-slow bossa nova number, and a shuffle-style Bb blues. I have sent emails to two local university jazz instructors, but have yet to get a response. I do intend to approach them in-person to see if they have any ideas. To my mind, it could be a meaningful project for one of their students. Anyone have any suggestions for how I can get this accomplished?


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    Apologies, I see I had submitted a similar thread a few months ago. Seems I could surely find a resource locally. I continue to research.

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    If you are willing to pay I know quite a few who are good at it

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    Just curious--why do you want it transcribed if you cannot write or read music?

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    To be able to share with other musicians; perhaps even get it recorded. Plus, just the sense of accomplishment seeing it "in print."

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    Have always expected I would pay, if it was reasonable.

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    Maybe you can play them here on the forum and we could watch them and somebody'd put it on paper for you.
    Funny, I was going to start a thread here on "What did music school give you that's essential that you wouldn't have done on your own?" and I think writing was one of the big ones. And yes, I could have and should have done it long before I ever went to school, it's not the most difficult thing to teach one's self.
    I teach students- and from day one we learn improvisation, writing ideas down comes shortly after day two. It really is a powerful tool, teaching you to see your thoughts in slow motion, having time to contemplate your options as you're writing them down, seeing the line of a phrase as it appears visually and then using that to develop ideas. These are really good things I knew existed but I found intimidating and prohibitive before I sat in a classroom for one semester and HAD to do it. Then I learned that, sure enough, it was not only not beyond me, but it opened up possibilities I never imagined.
    I hope you find someone to write for you, and I'm just suggesting that doing it yourself could be a worthwhile use of your time. Sure Steven Hawking writes entire books and he can't lift a finger, Billie Holiday had someone write down God Bless The Child because she didn't write notation, but it's doable. Maybe a thread here on how people taught themselves to write music from step one...
    Good luck

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    If one could hear a recording of your songs, a decision about transcription and costs could be reached. Quite a difference notating a solo chord melody versus a quartet.


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    Thanks for your input. I'll try to post something, even if it's only the sound recording. I have recorded them on the video function of my Android phone, but it, unfortunately, won't allow me to send them as an attachment.

    BTW, if there are any members in the Raleigh, NC area, or if anyone knows someone here locally, that could be of assistance, please let me know.

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    Actually, the last two I've "written" should be relatively simple, I would presume, for someone to transcribe. The chord structure is already determined, as I wrote my own head over a couple of Aebersold's original soundtracks: Bb shuffle blues and Solar Flair.
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    Do you know tab? Try Tab Edit. It seems that you can enter in tab and get a print out in musical notation.

    It's $60 (approx.). There may be cheaper or free program that do the same or similar.

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    Thanks Stuart. Is that a one-time use charge, or the cost of a software program for unlimited use?

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    Tab doesn't account for the rythme of the melody
    Which is pretty important.
    I have a friend who transcribes it with sibelius professionally online, I can get you in contact with him if you want ?
    Probably expensive, he just won an award.

    I'd transcribe it, but only in hand because doing it with software is something one needs to practice to have an efficient workflow.

    On android you can upload to youtube
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    Thank you. I'll try the You Tube upload and may be in touch for transcribing, if I don't find someone locally.

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    Add me on skype: MoodyNor29. Send me the files. I can give it a shot. Experienced within the field.

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    The price for Tab-edit gives you the software and, if I read the site correctly, free upgrades. You can download a demo and try it out.

    It has the capability to enter time values for tab.

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    There is a music professional known as a music copyist, and that is exactly one of the things they do. They can take a recording of some music and turn it into a written score. Once you know that is what you need, they are not very hard to find. They usually charge a reasonable fee and provide a quality professional product.

    Sometimes Miles would send recordings of his electric era band's rehearsal jams to Gil Evans, point out some themes he liked and would have Gil write charts or develop arrangements for him.

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    Thanks everyone, I sincerely appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I was successful in creating a YouTube account and have uploaded videos of me playing two of my tunes. I sent emails to my brothers to test that the videos were attaching and one brother has responded that it's telling him that it's private and, so, he can't open it. I didn't, to my knowledge, establish it as private viewing only.

    So, bottomline, as soon as my old, technologically-challenged self figures this all out, I'll hopefully be able to post the vids on here. Stay tuned....I hope :-)

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    Thanks again to everyone for their input and support. Happy Holidays to all! I have created a YouTube channel under my name: Lawrence Kincade. There I've posted 3 of my originals: Sunday Strollin', Could There Be Anyone More Beautiful?! and An Angel's Whisper. This first two, is me playing along with Aebersold tracks. Sunday was written over his track Bb Shuffle Blues and Could There Be.... was written over his Solar Flair.

    Additionally, I have on there versions of Sunny and Summertime.

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    Happy New year
    Could you post or PM a link

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    I'll work on doing that, once I have the time to figure it out. Meanwhile, if you're interested you can simply go onto YouTube and type in Lawrence Kincade. And, Happy New Year to you, as well.

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    I already tried without luck

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    I'm really sorry you're having that problem. I'll try to get something linked on here. I've given the info to several people all of whom have been able to access the videos. They simply typed in "Lawrence Kincade" in the search field and were immediately taken to my channel, where I have 5 videos posted.

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    Never mind
    I found it

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    Great and thanks for your interest and possible feedback. I know I'm too old to be still working nearly 80 hrs/week, but I hope to get a couple of new entries posted within the next month: Solar and At the End of a Love Affair.

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    I like "Could There Be Anyone More Beautiful?!"
    Cool tune!
    Need to practice!

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    Thanks for the support. My muse is a very special young woman! :-)

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    I might throw one of them on paper, and take a photo later
    I'm just to occupied with writing my own stuff at the moment
    But I liked your vibe

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    That means a lot to me, thank you!! Time permitting, I plan to record and upload a couple of new entries within the next month, or so: Solar and At the End of a Love Affair.

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    Just a little info on my equipment. I can't believe my good fortune, to have found this guitar, sight unseen, on Ebay for $450! It's an Imperial (never heard of one and can't even find any info on the net) which appears to be a "knock-off" of an Eastman. I spent a comparable amount having it professionally set-up and replacing the pickup and all the electronics and wiring and having Gotoh tuners installed. Thanks to some recommendations on this forum, I went with an Armstrong handwound 12 pole floater. Strings are TI 13's and I'm playing through a Henriksen.
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    I enjoyed listening to your tune Sunday Strollin'. Good job, catchy tune.

    I think you should learn to notate music. It's not that difficult.
    Frank (aka fep)

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    Thanks for the feedback. And, thanks for sharing your tune. Very nice!

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    I posted "Solar" over the weekend. It's my first attempt playing something at that sustained speed. A sophomoric effort, admittedly, but it was fun.
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    For those interested, I have links setup on my thread in the Chit Chat and Introductions section.