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    I think we might be saying the same thing 3 different ways.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    OK, it's not a simple 12-bar blues. If it was called at a jam, someone who didn't know it would be very confused, especially when the rhumba started. I agree.

    So where are we now?

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    These weird progressions appear in real books quite often, and it's often not worth the time to try and work out fingerings on the guitar. I usually simplify it and look to the melody to find something that works better. You need to look at the preceding and following bar(s). For example, | Gm7 Eb7 | Am7 D7 | G7 | and get that all working together.

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    I liked the turnaround and I wanted to play it a certain way. If I see this turnaround in another tune I’ll have one tool in my bag to play it now. You guys can’t really think you have to be making up everything as you go all the time.

    All this talk about St Louis Blues is unrelated to the main point which was I want to play a turnaround this way but can’t figure it out.

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    I think that's a badly written chart for guitar. For one thing, there's a pedal tone D in the bass and in the melody. So in terms of fingering, you've got a D7sus4 then D dim that's just awkward on guitar and then a D7. Tedious. I'd go with an A-7 with a D on top (= A-11) to a D7 and ignore the D dim.

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    Anyway, I don't think you need a fancy turnaround. Most versions just bang out three chords.

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    It's true you can bang it out with three chords, but I can do that all day long so coming across a turnaround like this interests me. I've forgotten all the turnarounds from the Mickey Baker book by now. I was too focused on getting through the lesson instead of taking things directly to songs.

    Nice take though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllanAllen
    coming across a turnaround like this interests me.
    Understood, absolutely. I'd still like to know who recorded it using that version. Those RB leadsheets are usually taken from somewhere. Maybe it was Handy himself, I haven't checked properly (yet).

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    One of the things you can do on guitar for specific chord riffs like this is decide what voices are essential to the sound and play those. Say if there's a moving line in the inner voices and a pedal on top then start with making sure to include those as a minimum for the fingerings then bring in as much of the rest of the identifying notes of the chords as you can.
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    I post this for those following this thread but have not seen this version:

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    Yea... the vids cool, but he does mix up tonalities or harmonic organization a lot. Some might call that blues etc..

    Anyway the early posts of,

    X 5 5 5 5 X
    X 5 6 4 6 X
    X 5 7 5 7 X

    seem great, the point was your modulating to Gmaj or G7 from Gmin.

    I generally would leave the 5th out of the D7...
    X 5 X 5 7 X....usually don't have intervals of a 5th on bottom, gets to muddy in general. But for solo playing is common.