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    I have just started working on the chord ebook and I’m a bit confused with the drop chords. The definition in the free ebook is that the 3rd highest note is moved to the bass for a drop 3 chord.

    The chord ebook however doesn’t follow that formula gives R 7 3 5 as the chord structure.
    what am I missing?


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Hi Flamtap!

    A root position drop 3 chord (1 7 3 5) comes from the 3rd inversion of the closed voicing.

    For example: the 3rd inversion of C E G B (1 3 5 7) is B C E G (7 1 3 5). If you lower the 3rd highest note of that inversion, you get C B E G (1 7 3 5).

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    Many thanks Dirk,

    I found the relevant info on the site.
    my bad for posting without doing more research.
    I understand the ebooks are focused on a clear goal and purposely miss out more advanced or extra stuff.
    I’m still in the process of cataloguing all the docs and filtering stuff so I don’t go in the weeds to much.
    Although it’s interesting to read about more advanced and expanded knowledge..