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    I have been working a while with Mick Goodrick's Chord Almanac series and combining it with my own work I began with my lessons with Ted Greene.
    I have always loved the sound of open triads. Here is a study in four chord tonic-predominant-dominant progressions utilizing different cycles. There are eight different permutations of the T-Pd-D progression:
    I iii IV V
    I vi IV V
    I iii ii V
    I iii IV vii
    I vi ii V
    I vi IV vii
    I iii ii vii
    I vi ii vii

    Basic cycles with Open Triads.pdf - Google Drive

    I have used Goodrick's voiceleadings from volume 1 and the pdf takes the progressions through all 12 keys. Obviously, the fingerings are merely suggestions and can (should) be altered if your preference dictates.
    This is the first of many that are in the works. Next is utilizing substitutions in the cycles (utilizing Neo-Riemannian and Dmitri Tymoczko geometric modulations).


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thanks for this..this is an essential part of harmony..and players on all levels can benefit from it..I have

    Playing through these cycles you may hear some harmonic movement found in well known tunes..

    glad your part of this forum