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    I have a few versions of 'Round Midnight played by Pat and by Wes. I can eventually figure this out, but it would be great if somebody already knows. Also, do you know of books on Pat or Wes with the song included in them?



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Eb minor.

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    The classic Wes recording from A Dynamic Duo is in Eb.

    He has a later version in F

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    As far as PM transcriptions go, Dr Jorg Heuser has transcribed nearly everyone of Pat's recordings including Round Midnight.

    downloadable PDFs

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    Tim Fitzgerald transcribed the solo from the live 1965 BBC performance in his book, 625 Alive but it's called Ballad for copyright reasons.

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    Both of them.

    What keys do Pat Martino and Wes Montgomery play 'Round Midnight in?-18d056a0c98769bb7f67ac36072cde8d-png

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    I like Baden Powell's version in Em. Fits the guitar.

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    Bally Galbraith's solo version is in Em as well.