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    Hey guys here is a link on our interview Video with Jazz Guitarist Mark Whitfield, this segment is about comping like Freddie Green.

    Hope it may be insightful and entertaining for ya'll.

    For full interview:

    The Brothers


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting it.

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    Nice interview. Basie made some small group albums that included Greene; this is my favorite.

    Mark Whitfield on Count Basie & Freddie Green's Jazz Guitar Comping Rhythm-8f267fbf-8f29-4d12-b97c-017ec5bd5824-png

    Get Together - YouTube

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    great posts!!

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    I saw MW in Lafayette Louisiana in 2010 - he was playing with his two sons (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    one on drums the other on piano

    I was absolutely blown away by his playing - it was hip and full of drive and fun and magic

    and I got the feeling by half way through that his boys were doing him a favour gigging with him! they were so wonderful on the drums and the piano (I don't know their names - but Whitfield might be one of them)

    I had become a father maybe one year before the gig. shiittt. that's a high bar.

    or a very low one. I think I heard that he was not around when they were growing up (not much anyway).

    thus began a long and as yet unresolved period of confusion about how to be a really good dad.

    but the gig was as good as anything I've seen in ten years.