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    I am using Noteflight to transcribe a solo guitar arrangement. Is there a commonly accepted practice for notating broken chords where the individual notes of the chord start and end at different times? For example, I might fret a simple root position three-note drop 3 like this...

    5 x 5 6 x x

    ...playing the top voice (the melody note) as a whole note on the 1, followed by, say, the root on the "and of 1" and the b7 on the 2. Three voices, different durations, but all overlapping at least part of the time. Noteflight only gives me an "upper" and a "lower" voice, so I am not sure the best way to notate this. Thanks!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I don't know anything about Noteflight, but the free Musescore 3 can give you all that you are seeking to do here: Free music composition and notation software | MuseScore

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    Your choices are to notate that as separate eighth notes with a "let ring" designation over the top of the measure or to use ties and tie each arpeggiated note to a final chord.

    I had this same question regarding a piano piece I was notating and received these suggestions from the old Finale forum

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    I've generally avoiding trying to notate fingerstyle things with overlapping sounds. Originally I tried to do it in G7, but getting separate voices onto a single staff line was unpleasantly tricky. I kept getting the note in a voice I didn't expect and kept having to move the rests up and down.

    Is there a product which provides one staff per string? The idea would be you enter the note on a each string for its correct duration. After which, the software combines it all into one staff. Does that exist?

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    So far I am having success with Musescore—it supports four voices, which should be enough for what I am trying to do. You can also hide rests to help keep things clean and legible.