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    Hi folks! New here.

    I'm fairly new to Jazz guitar, and having trouble with working out the harmony to my melodies.

    I can hear and work out the melodies in my head easy enough and can hear some of the chords yet working out/hearing some of them is proving difficult.

    I'm working on my own Christmas tunes and simple analysis of classics has helped like - 6 5 2 1 progressions and observing commonalities. If you can list any other common tricks for Christmas tunes that's great!

    Baffled how a song in C major can go to G minor for the bridge (Theory wise) but aurally sounds great.

    I like my ear to be my guide as much as possible (although it sucks at times), yet realize theory can help- I don't want to get bogged down in theory too much if I can help it!

    Is there a kind of - Jazz chord progressions/harmony and melody matching for dummies kind of book?! Or anything obvious I've missed?

    I have a few Christmas books yet some of the chords/transcriptions sound wrong or just don't lend themselves to guitar very well, although different voicings/inversions of the chord sometimes help.

    I am working my way through Bob Contis chord assembly line and that helps a little.

    The simplest way I've found is if I can hear the harmony (Or a rough idea) in my head I try to arpeggiate the chord in my head then work it out.

    Anyway hope that makes sense.
    Any help appreciated.




    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I'm always recommending Fred Sokolow's videos to beginners, mainly because I'm a beginner myself and I have found them very useful. His videos 'Playing and Understanding Jazz Guitar' and 'Understanding Chord Progressions' might help you. You can find excerpts from them via the guitarvideos.com website.
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    Thanks Matt. I'll check them out.

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    Here is a great crash-course. Made many things clear to me and made me learn *Girl from Ipanema* by head as a side-effect.


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    Cheers Michael!

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    For Classical

    Matching Harmony With Melody-bachflows-jpg

    For Contemporary

    Matching Harmony With Melody-progflows-jpg