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    I despaired over losing last night this lead sheet arrangement of Mr. Strayhorn's Something to Live For. What to do but reconstruct it?

    The verse is more re-harmonized than the previous one, but WTF? I'm bored!

    Hoping it would please the Maestro. (Lyrics are included for singers. For myself, I envision playing the verse rubato and the band come in on tempo on 'I----want...''I play through melody, piano solo on form, come back to take it out from B to coda.

    It's in pencil---dem's da breaks.

    Gonna record this some project. The song's a masterpiece. To think he was 16-22! Genius.

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    Oops (again!): 5th bar of verse: The B7#9#5 should be over the G, last beat.

    My bad, and self-flagellation in a live stream begins forthwith...