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    Hi - can anyone help me out here… I’ve been learning Sophisticated Lady (Ellington) to play in a guitar/vocal format. I’m listening mostly to Ella Fitzgerald's version:

    ...but have listened to several others as well.

    Ella’s version is in C, but the song modulates to B in the B section. It’s where it’s headed back from the B section to the A section again that I’m having problems - in particular the bit that goes “With some man in a restaurant…”. Let me write out the whole last 4 bars of the B section (vanilla chords from iRealPro) to give context:

    Diamonds shining | Dancing dining | With some man in a restaurant | Is that all you really want? |
    | Bmaj7 Ab7 | Dbm7 F#7 | Bmaj7 Em7 | Dm7 Em7b5/A7 || .............. -> back to A section - Dm7 (ii in C)...

    I can’t even be quite sure of the melody notes that Ella’s singing in this bar. I *think* it’s:

    With some man in a restaurant
    Ab D Eb Ab B Bb Gb Eb

    But my main conundrum is that the iRealPro chords in that “With some man…” bar don’t sound quite right to me but I’m struggling to come up with something better. I played with |Bmaj7 Ebm7| (!) for a bit but I think the best I’ve come up with so far is a quick one-chord-per-beat I vi ii V turnaround in that bar, with some voice leading from the last two chords down to the Dm7 in the next bar: so

    | Bmaj7 Abm7 Em7b6 A13 |

    Please could anyone:

    1. Check the melody notes I have for that bar and correct them if they are wrong, and
    2. Suggest some better, more flowing, chords for that last 4 bars of the B section.

    Many thanks!


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    Here’s what I know about the change played from the recording

    Mostly the bridge is 1625 except the last 2 measures. (Last 2 measures of bridge)

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    Thanks for that - it really helped. The aha moment for me was seeing that B7 in there after the B. This reflects that funny interval in the melody that I think was the main thing foxing me - the interval from Eb down to A over the words "man in" over the Bmaj7 chord. That matches the 5th of the B major chord down to the b7th of the B7 chord. Dead obvious in retrospect, I suppose, but it was foxing me.

    I still find it tricky to sing those last two bars on the B section, but having some chords that contain the right notes is a big help :-).

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    You’re welcome :-) it was nice to check this song again.

    Many times I find that chord changes from fake books can be really confusing.

    If there’s any song that has puzzling thing, please let me know.

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