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Some other possibles.

E7(#9/b5) - (1,b5,b7,#9)
Abma9+(#11) - (#5,9,#11,7)
Fma13sus - (7,4,13,9)
G13/#9 - (13,#9,5,1)
Bbma13/#11 - (#11,1,3,13)

Incomplete voicings can sometimes cover on their own but they also can be supplemented by a preceding or post-ceding chord that fills in missing details.
I'm just in the early stages of replacing some chord tones ( R & 5 mainly ) with either 9, b9 or #9. Haven't ventured into 11's and 13's yet but from what it looks from you post and the fact I've only scratched the surface of this book....Sky's the limit?
Good point you mention about pre and post chords... I've been trying to add the basic shell voicings into the mix as well.
Then I guess it just comes down to function and playing context.. solo, duo or band.