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    Hi There Guys,

    Hope your doing great, just made a video with 7 ideas/examples of comping on the A section to "There Will Never Be Another You", i like to practise in this way (taking a concept and messing around on a tune with it, so just sharing a couple common ideas)

    Hope you enjoy, do have PDF of each example if anyone is interested but pretty common ideas to take from with out needing the PDF i'm sure.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Big fan of your playing Pat!!

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    Hi Paulie2,

    I really appreciate that mate, thank you for that.

    Hopefully these videos are of some interest.

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    Great video! I would love to have the .pdf.
    Some of the ideas I can get from the the video, but not all of them.

    You sound great and I think these ideas can help my comping.

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    Hi Monkmonk

    thanks for watching, happy you like the video and a couple of the ideas.

    If you do want the PDF it is at Patwiblinmusic.com/downloads heads up I’m charging $5 but because there are 7 PDF and takes plenty of time to put these together.

    thanks mate

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    This is a great video. As something of a beginning jazz player, I imagine there are piles of other options. I’m working on All of Me and Afternoon in Paris, and I’m going to try some of these and try to find a few other approaches. Thanks for sharing. Also, nice playing and instructional stuff on your website!

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    Hi mate,

    Glad you like it and think you will use it, yep plenty of other options around so good luck with your current tunes hopefully you smash them