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    Hi Guys,

    No idea if this is very interesting anyone but didn't want to practise today so i made this video instead on the simple New Years Song Auld Lang Syne in 5 different harmonic ways.

    1. Standard
    2. Voicings & Movement
    3. Common Jazz Subs & Stride Guitar
    4. Chromatic
    5. Non Functioning Harmony

    So hope you enjoy and happy new year.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quite enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.

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    most excellent!...are you a ted greene disciple?


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    Hi Neatomic,

    No wouldn't say i'm a big Ted Greene fan but have checked him out for sure.

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    I really liked that. Great example of the possibilities. Very informative.

    Like Neatomic, my first thought was that you must be a Ted Greene disciple.