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    I know it’s not a guitar focused song, but I really want to learn it if I can find the chord chart. Outside of the jazz from the cartoons I grew up with (Vince Guaraldi Trio, Harry Mancini) and some Big Band stuff ,u Grandpa played when he DJ’d for his fellow WWII vets at the VFW (only the Sinatra and Glenn Miller Orchestra standards piqued my interest as a young teen) this was the first jazz song I fell in love with.

    Kind of neat how I found it. I cut my teeth on delta blues, but the first jazz album I owned was neat Blue Note Records CD that had modern artist cover older jazz songs. And while I wasn’t overly thrilled with the vocals of Holly Cole Trio’s cover of “Humdrum Blues”, the words and chord progression just spoke to me. Then I found the original by Oscar Brown Jr., and I love it. I just can’t pick out the chords by ear.

    anyway, if anyone has the chord progression, I’d be grateful for a copy. And if not, I’ll keep looking online.



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    It seems strange that there would be two songs called "hum drum blues" but I guess there is. The chords in sgosnell's link are not for the song you want.
    I like this version by Sheila Jordan. She performs it in B flat minor with just bass and drums, and it is a pretty standard minor blues.
    Try playing along with the clip and you can probably figure it out.
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    This is more or less what Oscar's arrangement is doing:

    Life can be mighty monotonous
    | D7 % |...
    We're always battlin' boredom
    Where, tell me where has it gotten us?
    Everything's still so doggone hum-drum!

    Stuck in a rut, gettin' nowhere fast!
    | Dm Dm/C | Bb7 A7 |

    Mmmm-mmm, I got the hum-drum blues!
    | Dm Dm/C | Bb7 A7 |

    Fightin' the future and mad at the past!
    | Dm Dm/C | Bb7 A7 |

    Mmmm-mmm, I got the hum-drum blues!
    | Dm Dm/C | Bb7 A7 |

    Ooh honey, when you ain't got money / Then you
    | Dm6 A7/E | Dm6 A7/E |

    just can't do as you choose
    | Bb7/F % | Gm6 % |

    ... Just gotta live with the hum-drum
    | Abdim % | A7 A7/C# | {Karrin Allyson arrangement]


    ... Just gotta live with the hum-drum
    | Abdim % | Bb7 % | {Oscar Brown arrangement]

    | Dm Dm/C | Bb7 A7 |...