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    Hello fellow musicians !

    I'm new on this forum so I apologise if that is the wrong place to post my request.

    I've been playing guitar since 1990 so I have quite good understanding of a music theory etc.
    While ago I started to learn a bit of jazz guitar theory because as a music producer I would love to implement jazz chords to my chill hop tracks.
    That kind of music is quite easy to make, but I'm still learning jazz chord progression ;-)
    I have a big request : If there is anyone who could help me to figure out chord progression in beautiful jazz-chillhop song - Dulce by FloFliz.

    I really like the chord progression, I know how to play solo but I struggle with proper chords (I nearly have it but it doesn't sound 100% correct to me)
    I've asked some Youtube jazz guitar teacher but he pointed me here.

    here is a link to the youtube video

    I would really appreciate any kind of help. In return I could offer help with windows pc/laptop problems as well as recommendation for pc/laptop purchases, music production software and hardware.

    I hope this is a good place for that kind of post.

    Thank You guys for any help.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Hi Wolf welcome
    Ok I'll have a go ....
    probably needs tweaking .... Help me out guys !

    Main chords 3x
    0 x 5 7 7 7
    0 x 10 9 0 10
    (8) x 7 9 8 x (bass plays low F)

    next bit play once
    7 7 5 7 7 x
    5 5 3 5 5 x
    little run
    xx555x , xx777x , xx 10 9 0 10

    maybe played with the thumb
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    I think that third chord is x 8 9 7 8 x

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    Yeah I think you're right Christian ....

    (probably needs more cowbell too)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingu View Post
    Yeah I think you're right Christian ....

    (probably needs more cowbell too)
    Most things do.

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    Thank You guys so much for such quick and precise help.!!!

    I've been waiting for any replies and just now I found notification in spam folder ( what?? )

    I didn't try them chords jet but I bet You guys are PRO and will grab my guitar as soon as I finish this post.

    Thank You again may the Jazz Gods be with You and have the best weekend EVER!!!

    ( I'm sooo happy because that progression was driving me nuts for a good while. )

    p.s. will post again after session ;-)

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    oh God I nearly forgot about cow bell... Thanks BRO !!!

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    You just made my day Pingu !!! Thanks a million !!!

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    Thank You for Your help Christian !!!

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    This Forum makes me happy. Welcome Wolfsky!
    "Your biggest discoveries come by playing" - Robert Conti

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfsky View Post
    You just made my day Pingu !!! Thanks a million !!!
    no worries mate
    you just cheered me up too man
    hope it all works out well