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    Peter Mazza previews some of the key concepts from his upcoming TrueFire course.

    Peter Mazza is an exciting jazz guitarist recognized for his creative and virtuoso interpretations of jazz standards as well as his passionate and thoughtful compositions. Blending clean and fluent lines with colorful chord voicings and driving pulse, he creates imaginative ensemble arrangements as well as lush solo guitar pieces.

    12 years ago, Peter began a Sunday night trio residency at The Bar Next Door at La Lanterna that is still vital today. His trio has featured Hendrik Meurkens, Will Vinson, John Ellis, Donny McCaslin, Jon Irabagon, Patrick Cornelius, Jacam Manricks, Etienne Charles, Itai Kriss, Matt Penman, Matt Clohesy, Hans Glawischnig, Marco Panascia, Ben Williams, Haggai Cohen-Milo, Brian Charette, Ari Hoenig, Bruce Cox and many more.

    After successfully launching his residency-gig, early on Peter helped implement a 7-night-a-week schedule of jazz music at the Bar Next Door at La Lanterna that has featured an outstanding and diverse array of guitar and saxophone-led trios, from some of New York’s most seasoned musicians, to some of its most exciting new talent. In an effort to continue to expand the club’s offerings as its Musical Director, 3 years ago he designed and implemented an Emerging Artist Series that has featured the best college-aged musicians playing early sets that occur on 4 nights of every week.

    Peter has taught jazz guitar for over 20 years. He held long affiliations with The American Institute of Guitar/International Studio of Music, The National Guitar Workshop and The New School while retaining his active private studio. He has been featured in the pages of Just Jazz Guitar and Jazz Inside magazines where he has discussed his approach to arranging, writing and practicing.

    His solo guitar video of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on YouTube has over 120,000 views.

    Though Peter is well seasoned with his own clear and distinctive style, he remains one of the jazz guitar world’s best-kept secrets.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    is this out now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe2758
    is this out now?
    ETA August. They were in the studio yesterday filming, hence the live stream yesterday in the first post.

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    That's a beautiful chord melody solo rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

    I'd never heard Peter Mazza play before until now.

    He's got some very cool harmonic ideas!

    Steven Herron

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    I watched it, an hour after it went live...

    Frustrated I missed it!

    More frustrated at the Truefire audience. In a whiny voice "what pick do you use?" and "let me see the callouses on your fingers"

    Thank goodness James was there to ask some good questions. Having a livestream with Peter M is a rare opportunity and (as an educator) the questions were--for the most part--irrelevant and almost offensive. What about some questions about his harmonic conventions?

    Ergh. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the "key per chord" thing. He said that he starts his students out singing the melody and playin the harmony--you can't do all of his harmonic substitutions without having the base tune solidly clear in your inner ear or you'll lose the cohesion that holds the tune together.

    By the way, Gil Parris (he was on the livestream) went to the same high school as I did--but he was a little before my time... All the serious guitarists in town knew his name.

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    Just found that Mazza’s Truefire course is now up for pre-order ahead of its release on 30 September.

    The code SUPERNOVA gets you a 20% discount.

    Harmonic Supernova for Jazz Guitar (Pre-Order) - Peter Mazza - Guitar Lessons - TrueFire

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    I've got my download of the course now. Some very cool sounds to be had for the adventurous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David B

    thanks for the bump. I missed this thread when it first came out. I see why you were excited. I will be listening to more of Mr. Mazza.

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    I did not recognize him in this series of video

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    I took a few lessons with Peter Mazza in person, almost exclusively on the strength of his solo arrangement videos. Extremely nice, knowledgeable, talented guy. He definitely has a great work ethic, and has that "grinder" mentality -- which you need in order to survive as a musician, unless you manage to get very, very lucky. He also doesn't keep any secrets, will gladly show you everything he's doing. That's the sign not just of a nice guy, but someone who's confident with their playing and concept. I got the TrueFire course because it was on sale, and hey, why not? After going through a good chunk of it, I have to say, he did an extremely good job with it. In keeping with his "no secrets" ethos, much of what he discussed were things he mentioned in lessons. And whether you get it at sale price or full price, there's an awful lot of material here. You could easily spend a month or two working out the possibilities for just one section.Definitely not for beginners, but for late-intermediate and advanced players, it'll definitely help you bust out of stock chord shapes in a very practical way.
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