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    Hi guitar folks.

    Anybody actually transcribed Kessel's work behind Billie Holiday on "Body and soul" ? It sounds bloody brilliant and unfortunately I'll have to work it out meself if noone else has . Not a problem, but just wondering really.

    cheers Jon


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    I wish I did have all of Barney Kessel's accompaniment to Body & Soul transcribed - outstanding!

    If you haven't already, you should check out Barney's accompaniment to Julie London singing Cry Me A River.

    Barney was a great jazz guitarist in the truest sense of the word!

    Steven Herron

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    ah yes Steve, I managed to scrounge a copy of Barney's work on "Cry me a river" a while back,I also managed to transcribe Joe Pass comping behind Ella Fitzgerald on that, it was a revelation ! especially as he's transposing a lot through that song so was quite a challenge to get me head around , but managed it in the end. What was harder was to work out is the sax solo on Sinatra junior's version of Cry me a river. That solo bubbles along like a crazy river, great stuff !

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    ok folks, so I've sat down & worked out 2 very different version of accompaniment for Body & soul :

    1/. Billy Holiday with Barney Kessel on guitar (Key of Ab)

    2/. Airelle Besson (Trumpet) with Nelson Veras on guitar (Key of Db)

    P.S. I've had to take some artistic license with these transcriptions because you can't always hear exactly what's going on underneath and also I like to fill things out a little bit ( in case you end up having to use this material one day). Anyway I hope it helps someone (apart from meself). enjoy

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    Many thanks, I shall have a look at these this evening!!

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    Nice! i'm learning it right now! I really appreciate this as there not many (or maybe none at all) transcriptions of Barney Kessel's fantastic playing behind Billie Holiday in the 50s. Thank you again!

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    Am glad you guys like it if I have anything else of interest I'll post. To be honest I've got loads of transcriptions done over the years which may be of interest, just need to review so I don't bore you with it all !.