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    Hey guys , this is a question regarding Charlie Parker's Omnibook.
    This is a question about the diminished chords, should they be diminished 7 chords or m7b5s ?


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Btw of you play Em7b5 Eo7 you have a nice way of playing Em7b5 A7b9. There’s only one note D/C# different between them which is very handy for soloing.

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    Well, I think that Omnibook uses º for diminished and ø for half-diminished.

    Diminished is bb7 and b5. C - Eb - Gb - Bbb(A)

    Half-diminished is b7 and b5 or m7b5. C - Eb - Gb - Bb

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    I think you are getting confused. My omnibook copy uses the ‘circle’ symbol for diminished chords. It uses the ‘circle with a line through it’ symbol for min7b5 chords (also known as half-diminished).

    E.g. page 1 Confirmation, the first one is Em7b5 because it is shown as E followed by ‘circle with a line through it’.

    In my copy the inside back cover has a table which explains these 2 symbols and what they mean.

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    You guys are amazing. Thank you all. That cleared it up