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    Can you name this tune?

    I have added a photo. Thanks to Tommo for telling me how.
    Thank you all so much. Great, great site.

    I was organizing my many sheets of tunes and came across page 2 of something! I have no idea what tune it is. I played it. I think it’s pretty.
    So ........ I thought I’d ask JazzGuitar.be what it is.
    Thanks in advance.

    Is there a way to attach a photo of the page??? (Photo is now attached. You'll see it a few replies down)

    In lieu of attaching a photo, I present this cumbersome communication of what is on my page (chords and melody).
    A measure is 2 quarter note (8 16th notes)

    Here’s the progression (Notes and underlying chord). Key is E (4 sharps)

    There are 2 beats per measure. I view it from a 16th note perspective (a measure is 8 16th beats).
    See “legend” below.

    Here are the 8 measures of the tune that I have.

    G#7 chord under these notes G#...EF#.. (that’s a G# quarter note followed by an E 16th note followed by a dotted-quarter F# note)
    Eadd9 under B.F#G#B.E. (That’s a B eighth note followed by F# and G# sixteenth notes, followed by B and E 8th notes)
    A under C#.E. A under D#BE.
    C#m7 under EBF#. F#13 under G#EEbE (first E is an octave down
    G#m7 under B...C#.D#.E... (measure and a half)
    C#m7 under E.F#.
    F#13 under G#.D#.D.G#.
    B11 under F#.......

    Quarter note E...
    8th note E.
    Quarter note followed by 2 8th notes E...B.E.
    Two 16th notes followed by 8th note BEB. (Two 16th notes plus 2 one 8th note = 4 16th notes = 1 beat = half measure

    a) Tell me how to attach a photo
    b) Don’t curse me.
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    Look at what's above your reply window.

    Middle row, 4th field from left, third icon. Right click on it and it let's you choose an image to insert either from your compute or via URL.
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    Song fragment (page) is attached.


    I am hoping somebody recognizes this tune
    I love this site!
    Attached Images Attached Images Can you name this tune?-canunamethissong-jpg 

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarStudent View Post
    b) Don’t curse me.
    you're lucky I'm out of hexes.
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    It's pretty
    sorry don't know it ...

    bon chance

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    It sounds like Hercules Calhoun's Opus 6, 3rd movement.

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    I don't know the tune but it reminded me how little jazz guitar was played in E major until guys like Metheny and Frisell came along in the '70s. There are a few early numbers by acoustic players such as Eddie Lang and George Van Eps but after that generation only Joe Pass's waltz, "For Django" from his 1964 album of the same name springs to mind.

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    Nice tune. but beats me what it is.

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    Well at least we know it's by molto rall..... that's a start. I think he used to hang with Benny Goodman and together they went under the moniker of molto bene.


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