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  1. The Lady Is A Tramp - comping with a band & singer

    I caught this with my iPhone at a gig last December. Pretty sure it's Sinatra's arrangment (but we only had 4 horns with us).



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    Q about the singer

    Thanks for posting!Enjoyed it.Did the singer let the band have a few bars of some of the tunes?That aways drives me nuts when 90% of the show they dont.He was good but you were focus on getting the job done. great.

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    The Sinatra arrangements probably have no room for solos by the band members. Generally, in that situation, the band will play 15-20 minutes up front, all instrumental with solos. The singer then will come on and do 40 minutes, and solos will cut down the number of tunes sung. It balances out in the long run; I work with lots of singers, and they all use that format: 2-4 instrumentals, then 40-45 minutes of vocals with maybe a few 8 or 16-bar solos here and there. The logic is that most people come for the singer, especially if his or her name is up front. Back in the day, singers were not featured as much as the band, even though most bands carried a singer or two or even more.

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    I'm in a band that plays the David Wolpe arrangement, also with 4 horns. For guitar I stick to the method outlined in Charton Johnsons book which means playing triads on the 3,4 and 6th string. It's interesting to hear a different arrangement and approach.

    This arrangement seems to be the one used by Sinatra in The Main Event concert in 1974 and for some other live performances. His best know version, from A Swingin' Affair, is more laid back. Both very nice arrangements.

    (The only reason for us doing the Wolpe arrangement was it was the one we able to source. It's another good arrangement though)

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    Sinatra arrangements; this is a guitar player that sings on the side

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