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    wanna do a collection of nice MM Chords in the form


    For ex


    If ambiguous , give key too
    (above is C MM do example)

    Might be interesting ?


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    CmM9 ...b3-5-7-9


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    Attached Images Attached Images Favorite Melodic Minor Chords-grips-jpg 

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    I have favorite chord patterns... don't really just play single chords....

    X X 5 6 6 8
    X X 5 6 6 5
    5 X 5 6 6 X
    X 5 3 5 5 X or X 5 4 4 5 X

    X X 5 6 6 8
    X X 11 10 8 11
    X X 11 12 13 13
    X X 10 10 10 12 or X X 15 14 12 15

    X X 2 3 3 5
    X X 2 3 3 3
    X X 5 6 6 8
    X X 5 6 6 6
    X 8 9 9 10 x

    Then there are the blues patterns... I'll post latter I'm late

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    At the moment I'm using the major triad a lot....


    C7alt --> Ab/C7
    C7#11 --> D/C7
    Cm(maj7) --> G/Cm
    Cm11b5 --> Bb/Cm7b5

    Augmented triad also good.

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    xx3554 F C E Ab. Fits F melodic minor.

    Can be used as any chord generated by the F melodic minor scale. So, it can be subbed for, among others, Fminmaj, Gsusb9, Abmaj7#5, Bb7#11, C7b13, Dm7b5, and Ealt. They don't sound the same, but they all can work.

    Some of these names are debatable. For example, I have an F in a C7b13. '

    There are, of course, many voicings which can be used the same way. I posted this one because it's easy to play, generally sounds good and I use it as much or more than many other options. I think it's because you get the b3 as the highest note.

    So, say you have tune that starts with two bars of Fmaj7 and then two bars of Bb7#11.

    You can play a few voicings of Fmaj7 to get a kind of contrapuntal line going (if I'm using that term correctly). Bar 3, you might play xx6756 going to xx3554 and then xx6533. That gives a Bb Ab G line in the soprano and doesn't jump around in the other notes (except maybe in the second chord, low F -- you could substitute a G or Ab there, I suppose). All F mel minor.

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    While not "melodic" minor, I like playing min(Add 2) chords for tonic minors. You avoid the "should I play min7 or min(Maj7)" question.

    Cmin(Add 2):



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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg
    Then there are the blues patterns.
    Yes, thanks!

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    Great stuff
    I particularly like

    X 8 9 9 10 x

    Keep em coming !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg
    Then there are the blues patterns... I'll post latter I'm late
    Hey reg. This would be really cool. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingu
    Great stuff
    I particularly like

    X 8 9 9 10 x

    Keep em coming !
    Especially with the "cherry on top" -- X 8 9 9 10 9

    (Did someone already post this?)

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    Yea.... I believe it more useful to watch your voicings.... unless the point it to sound "out"

    I tend to use mm voicings more in camouflaged chord patterns. Take an existing chord pattern... with a strong lead line and then to help create more perceptions of movement... with variations to help create sense of repeat.... make the chord pattern have life etc....use modal applications to help organize that movement. Most of them are from Dominant and sub dominant functional movements. I don't really use mm as Tonic. And the voicings tend to not have complete harmonic spellings... Like the example rp posted... it's cool but...that's a real stopper. Not much to figure out.... When I do use dissonant voicings like that... they are always on the weak side of harmonic rhythm... or for some type of effect. I'll post some examples...

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    Yeah. I really like looking at the larger chord patterns with this. Melodic minor really needs context, or it doesn't do much. It's the reason this thread kind of stalled in the beginning and had more jokes etc IMO:

    A lot of the best "melodical minor" voicings don't look "melodic minor" on their own. They're voicings which are otherwise diatonic to major , like 9th and m7b5 voicings etc. They really have to be seen in the context of a larger pattern to be understood or heard as melodic minor.

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    Favourite melodic miners? The Men of the Deeps!

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    doesn't have to be a minor

    just wanted some nice grips !

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    Boys and Girls there is only one chord in Melodic Minor just the root changes..............

    ..........more later.

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    Having favourite chords is perversion, guys..