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    (since the orignal 2015 post Barry's site was recreated on Barry Greene Video Lessons)


    I was subscribing to the old one and since it recreated on the new site I am subscriber on the new.
    It is a great value, and learn material for a lifetime. Lessons are usually 35-45 minutes with 4-15 pages .pdfs. For many lessons you can find 3-5 minutes teaser in youtube, just search


    About the secret jazz chord: It is 27 mins long lesson with 9 pages pdf. If I interpret correctly the "secret" refers to "one fingering is usable in many context" and as a consequence, licks and scales are also reusable also in a lot of context/situation. But the focus on the chord(s).

    Just one example: The shape XX6533 (Ab, C, D, G) could be: (the first 4 are the main usages, the last two is "bonus")

    - Bb9(add13),
    - E7 (b13#9)
    - Dm11 (b5)
    - Fm6/9
    [- AbMaj7(#11)]
    [- Gsus4(b9)]

    Based on this, you can discover many shapes with 4 notes what can be use in any of this six function when you are making a chord progressions. For example the usual Fm7b5 X8989X shape always forms a G7 also, etc. I used this shape for years, but never popped the idea in my head to use this X8989X as G7(b9#5). This way your choices, when picking shapes and try to create voice lead on the top note, are multiplied.

    All about the scales and the licks are consequences this chord function replacement. On G7(b9#5) you can use G altered (Ab melodic minor), so on Fm7b5 you also can use Ab melodic minor, starting from F. (differs in the 2nd note from F locrian)


    Back to the main topic, Barry's site is great, there are many "essential" lesson and tons of "tune based" lessons.

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    Can anyone recommend any of his comping videos? Chromatic movement, rhythm etc is what I want to learn more of.

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