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    there are so many books out there that can really overwhelm us due to the information explosion of the internet,but the important thing is to get the useful information that will suit our way of playing music...


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I have both books. I like the 3 note voicing book more--but they are both great.

    I like small voicings. Easier to hear the individual voices and treat them as such. Less about block movement and more about 3 melodies that all align yet move differently. Like a string trio. Howard Alden talks about this in one of his Mike's Masterclass videos.

    Still easier to comp with 4 note grips, but 3 notes... you get those notes working for you and you end up telling a story that compliments the soloist instead of just being in the background. I like that idea of telling stories with harmony while the soloist weaves in single lines to the story and vice versa.

    That first George Van Eps book Guitar Method, is a great primer to Vincent's 3 note voicing book.