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    In this corner, the $27 valencia, in the other, the new $82 conn c200, both from shopgoodwill. Ok, its not really a deathmatch as the conn, built in april of 1971, smokes the valencia in build quality as it was reportedly built by tokai. There are issues though. When I received the conn and got it set up, it sounded fantastic for 2 or 3 hours. Then, the tone went right down the toilet. It had these weird overtones almost like sitaring on the wound strings. I couldn't figure out the cause, so I just kept playing the thing. It took a month and a half before it really started sounding decent again
    The recordings from those time are horrible. So on the list of songs at the reverbnation link, the first is from the conn, the second and third are comparable songs on the valencia.
    230629 001 new song conn c200 goodwill guitar by Brian Martin | ReverbNation
    230304 001 by Brian Martin | ReverbNation
    Brian Martin | ReverbNation
    Goodwill classical guitar deathmatch-20230822_115235-jpgGoodwill classical guitar deathmatch-20230822_115246-jpgGoodwill classical guitar deathmatch-20230822_115329-jpgGoodwill classical guitar deathmatch-20230822_115335-jpg
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