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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark M. View Post
    What price range are you considering?
    I'm trying not to exceed $3000. However, it can be a used or new instrument so MSRP can be higher. For instance, I see some Ramirez SPR guitars for $3k or less but MSRP is usually about double that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop View Post
    Is my Ramirez 1A too expensive for you? See For Sale section. It won’t wear out for 500 years.
    That's a good price but it is more than I'm looking for. I'm actually not looking to buy just yet but want to get a good idea for what my options are. I'll probably buy sometime at the beginning of next year. For a 1A though I probably would be a little more flexible as that is a keep forever kind of guitar.

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    I didn’t realize your budget was 3K, with which you should definitely find a good instrument. I had a Ramirez N or R4 can’t recall which, in that price range. I really enjoyed its sound and feel. It was of course not made in the Ramirez shop. And, it’s heavy lacquer finish could have staved off a HIMARS attack. But it had good resale value thanks to the name.

    The Kenny Hill Player series come in around 2K, and are worth a look.

    TBH there are many options out there (and equally many opinions here))) and the old advice of playing before buying holds true.

    OP where do you live? Spending a day at a store with a good selection is worth the effort even if it involves a drive. If you’re east coast, Savage Classical on Long Island, or Kirkpatrick near Baltimore are great hang out and try stores. (Classical Guitar Store in Philly prices tend to start at 4-5K and go up.)


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    $3000 is a decent budget. You could get a Yamaha GC32S or C and have change jangling in your pocket or the GC42 S or C and have no change. People rag on Yamaha because it is Yamaha but the GC series is really good if you snoop around. Give it a chance.

    Esteve from Spain I like. The Esteve 9, 11 models bought from a Guitarras de Luthier in Spain are about 50% of what they cost in the USA, about €1350 each sans VAT. I have read good things about Guitarras Antonio Picado. Juan Hernandez guitars are made in a corner of the Esteve workshop.

    Michael Lazar, an "amateur" luthier in Canada who has made and sold over 140 guitars, makes professional quality guitars with different bracing patterns, starting from about USD3000. I would consider Michael Lazar first although I mentioned him last. Nothing midrange about Michael's guitars except for his price. Classical Guitars by Michael F Lazar

    PS Michael Lazar posts the prices in Canadian dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris32895 View Post
    For a 1A though I probably would be a little more flexible as that is a keep forever kind of guitar.
    Well, if you live in the States, Chris, the Dollar-Pound balance lies heavily in your favour right now. Just saying. I know I sound like a used-car salesman, but now really is the best time to buy. One dollar = 1 pound. That will change.

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    what do you call a midrange?? you talk about a factory guitar??
    I ask because many people don't have to mush money for a high range guitar but, probably, when you see high range you are talking about 6k,7, 15k for a guitar
    that is not totally true I build high range guitars and they start at 3500€

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    My Ramirez has been sold.