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    hey virtual friends

    I am happily celebrating my new classical guitar, a faithful reproduction of a ca. 1915 Francisco Simplicio guitar.

    It is made from famous Luthier Michael Wichmann, who happens to live in my home city Hamburgo.

    After a couple ( ~ 5 ) years of steel string playing solely, and about 20 happy NGDs in between,

    I cried some happy tears after playing the first treble notes on this dear guitar.

    I have the strong feeling, that this is my guitar - and I will not buy any other nylon string guitars to

    add to it or to replace it in the future.

    Instead I hope to live long enough ( age 54 now ), to see this dear guitar turn into a honey yellow,

    better and better sounding preciousness.

    my impressions so far: it has enough lyrical depth, but it is a happy and not a melancholic instrument.

    it is just like me.

    This is the guitar I dreamt of for a long time. Body size, materials used ( spruce - EIR ), craftmanship and

    sound of course, a match made in Michaels workshop, about 5 Km's from my apartment.

    I feel blessed whenever I look at it or pic it up, it smells so sweet.

    I am a hobby guitar player, that does not play classical music at all, I happily play my own stuff 100%

    of the time, after 20 years of playing, I do not know how to play a single song from anyone else.

    and I am so damn happy with that.

    thanks for celebrating with me, I love you all.

    of course.

    Gitarrenbau Michael Wichmann Hamburg

    Gitarrenbau Michael Wichmann Hamburg Flamenco und Klassische Konzert Gitarren Reparaturen Beratung - Simplicio-Modell


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    It is beautiful! Congrats!