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    For me, perhaps not for you, after putting low tension D'Ad EJ45s on my Cordoba C10 (A big no-no to Cordoba !) I am truly, happy !!
    My fingers don't hurt in any way..The downward pressure is a pleasure, and strumming (especially when I wish to sing) is billowy and sweet, not rigid and cold..For decades I have had the wrong tension for my particular hand/finger type..
    The only thing now is whether at 74 I need a guitar perhaps better suited to light gauge strings than the C10..
    I was recently blown away by a Kremona Solea at a GC. ! I was looking for a guitar without a truss rod and there she sat locked in the rack !
    It's stings were light feeling as well, but she rang out and felt fabulous so much I couldn't quit playing !! Prob is I don't want to spend another $1,200.00 ish on a guitar when the C10 is adequate (tho I even like the K's neck more, to boot)..
    I just thought I'd reveal these little things..It's also tough considering selling the C10 I've had some 8-9 years now..Know what I mean ?


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    no, get rid of it, ffs.

    ( I had a Cordoba C10 Crossover, considering these are 500 bucks used, it is a good guitar )

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    Hi, Mark,

    If you're not planning a concert career at 74, keep your current guitar. . . especially since you like the way it plays after the string change. Good luck on your playing and your new choice of strings.

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    Thanks for thoughts..(But, boy that Kremona Solea was real nice; and lighter than C10 with no truss) ....

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    To offer a contrary opinion... you're not going to get any younger, and you can't take the money with you when you go. You may as well enjoy the time you have left here.

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    ^^ that is the proper way to look at it.

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    I love certainty in Life.
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    I switched to Gretsch guitars at the age of 74. I expect to play professionally for another decade, and I will be happy doing it, in spite of my age. In fact, especially at my age: making the job easier or more pleasurable counts as a good investment.

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    Dang ! Now I must add this to the mix:
    Although I do love the easiness of manipulating the light gauge EJ45 strings, the problem now is too low volume..
    At least on my C10 (which of course has a truss rod) I'm finding they don't lend enough body to the note...
    I'm sorry for making a statement insinuating my search for right strings is over..It's now looking like I will soon be putting normal tension strings back on and pray they won't bring back some of the pain I was experiencing..The 45s are seemingly too flimsy now.
    When and if I have made this change back I will, of course, report back on that finding..

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    I stated the wrong string set numbers...I Had on hard tension EJ46 many moons ago and fingers were getting pains..I went to EJ45 medium tension, and then to EJ43 lights, which I have on now... So, if I change them (Pos tonight) I will rescue the entire set, as I never clipped them down at their ends, will bale em up, put the set of EJ45 (med.) on and put the 43s in that bag and retitle it: "Full set of used EJ43".
    If pain returns or extra volume is not enough to make a diff, I can then put 43s back and live with it...
    Another thought is next set being 'rectified' and see if that's a good marriage for me/C10...
    Thanks for your interest in my journey and 'likes' I might receive... M
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    If you decide to try rectified strings, consider the Savarez 520B set. It sounds nice and very comfortable to play...but I'm only 69.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell
    you're not going to get any younger, and you can't take the money with you when you go. .
    After I read this to my wife, she said she'll take the money, so no spending for me


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    Maybe you should experiment with some of the not-so-high tension Aquila strings?

    Quote Originally Posted by SOLR
    After I read this to my wife
    Now why would you do such a thing?