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    I am looking for a classical guitar arrangement of George Gershwin's 'Rhapsody In Blue'--any suggestions where to find?

    Many Thanks,


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    Hi, S,
    Check with Doug Niedt @ He plays it and I think it's his own arrangement. He's been doing Gershwin for years.
    Hope this helps. Play live . . . Marinero

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    Jorge Caballero mentioned his interest in it, but no results yet. Pretty ambitious.

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    I have Martin Müller's arrangement which is the best one I've heard. I don't think his performance of it is as smooth as the score of his arrangement suggests it could be, at least based on my study of it.

    It's pretty complete, well arranged.
    Link to Score:


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    Not sure how good the arrangement is, there’s one on SheetMusicDirect for $4.99 at:
    Rhapsody In Blue Sheet Music | George Gershwin | Solo Guitar

    The same arrangement is available on SheetMusicPlus, MusicNotes and JW Pepper but the least expensive download seems to be on SheetMusicDirect.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks for all your info. Much appreciated.

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    Hi, S,
    I remembered last night the Assad Brothers played this in their repertoire. It was the best arrangement I've ever heard of this piece when I attended their concert about 15 years ago at the Fermi Lab in Illinois.

    Enjoy. Play live . . . Marinero