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    Guardjieff’s music fascinates me. Does anyone have suggestions for finding sheet music/arrangements for Gunter Herbig’s Ex Oriente or other arrangements of Gurdjieff for guitar?


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    Doing a search on "gurdjieff" turns up some (mostly for piano, but a bit for guitar):

    gurdjieff guitar music score OR sheet - Google Search

    John R.

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    can't help with the sheet music, but robert fripp is very much into gurdjieff and his idea of the third force...fripp studied with bennet who was a gurdjieff desciple...fripps non trad alt tuning evolved from that time-

    New standard tuning is an alternative tuning for the guitar that approximates all-fifths tuning. The guitar's strings are assigned the notes C2-G2-D3-A3-E4-G4; the five lowest open strings are each tuned to an interval of a perfect fifth; the two highest strings are a minor third apart.

    not guitar, but keith jarrett has a wonderful recording of gurdjieff sacred hymns on ecm

    and of course the classic recordings of thomas de hartmann

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    Thanks, guys!