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    Anybody tried a Flamenco guitar with a pick? Sometimes I play Classical guitar with a pick currently strung with extra hard tension strings--very good sound.

    a) Have you tried playing a Flamenco guitar with a pick? If so a brighter sound with the Flamenco guitar--due to the thinner top?
    b) Do you think the thinner top of the Flamenco would take the extra hard tension strings?


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    Flamenco guitars will take heavy-gauge nylon strings just fine. Playing with a pick sounds good if it's the right pick, as with most guitars and players. While the flamenco blanca is lighter, flamenco guitars are built to undergo really rigorous treatment.

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    Not all Flamencas are equal. On my recent trip to Spain, I played some real light-built cannons as well as some that feel almost like a classical, but with a significantly lower action. I bought one of the latter and will be taking her to a Gypsy Jazz workshop with Joscho Stephan next month. Can't wait. Meanwhile, I have a classical/Latin gig coming up on Sunday and she's doing that just fine, too. Right now, I've strung her with Savarez medium tension carbon strings. Soundwise there is hardly a difference between pick and fingers, but it does make a great difference when you pick close to the bridge.