What are everyone's favorite Bach arrangements for guitar? I've been reading through the Chorales recently (my edition is for piano so I sightread and reduce), but I'd love to check out an edition that's arranged for guitar, but still takes the same care he did with voiceleading.

Some of my favorites Bach on guitar stuff:

Two Part Inventions by Barry Galbraith: I love practicing these with a looping pedal. Great for reading, technique, just everything. These are my go-to etudes when I want to get my jazz chops back in the groove.

Cello Suites by Stanley Yates: These are bar none the best arrangements for classical guitar of any of Bach's music I've ever found. I'm hoping this thread will lead me to more great stuff like this, but Yates did incredible work here.

Solo Lute Works: Mel Bay. I find these way less interesting and fun than the Yates Cello suites. They are good arrangements and everything, just not as interesting to me.

I'm particularly interested in the chorales, but curious what other really good editions are out there for Bach's music?