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    One more for the winter solstice. Download available here: John Hall | Music for Guitar | Blog : Winter

    Have a great Holiday season.



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    Very Nice. Thank you for posting.

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    Lovely, and nicely recorded. Many thanks!
    Best regards, k

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    Very nice tune and great recording!!!

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    Beautiful. Lots of similarly great material available on your site, as well.

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    John, could you share your recording setup with us and what guitar are you using? THANKS!!

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    Thanks Skip and everyone else for the feedback. This is the first time anyone has commented on the sound quality.

    The guitar is a 1977 Ramirez 1A (classical nylon string).

    I do a stereo recording at home in my office using a Sure SM81-LC near the fingerboard and an Oktava MK012 just behind the sound hole. Both are small diaphragm condenser mics. Micing is very close, around 12-18 inches.

    I use a Tascam US-144 interface with my computer (Windows 7) and Cubase-LE4 recording software that came with the Tascam. Very inexpensive and certainly not state of the art.

    Effects added are reverb and compression.

    Happy New Year!

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    Very well done, thanks for sharing!!

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    Hi John,

    That's a very pretty classical guitar piece you've written and played!

    Thanks for posting that for us.

    Steven Herron
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    I put together a set of four (seasons). Hope you enjoy!