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    A friend of mine bought a Cervantes.Was wondering the quality and sound Playability etc.I have yet to hear him play it.


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    Generally some of the best guitars available at the price-points.

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    I purchased a Crevantas from Dream guitars last year but returned it within the trial period. Im not a nylon string expert, but I found these guitars to be very good for the money, but mine came strung with high tension carbon strings, which is common..... and was difficult to play. When I changed to normal tension, it lost volume and tone. The wormanship was acceptable but not sellar.

    I find the Cordoba line to be very good and worth looking into- beautiful tone and great playability. I eventually settled on a Philippe Jean Mairet I purchased from Switzerland. Its pure magic, but much higher price point.

    Many of the newer nylon guitars are fitted with high tension carbon strings to drive the top and produce volume, but in my opinion they are harder to play....and have rapid decay. Find a guitar that sounds great with normal tension strings. Of course, preparing your nails is essential for nylon string playing.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks.Interesting post by norman2 on what he did with the C5.Money wise i might do something like that.I have a Sherry Brenner Garcia 1969 No.1 given to me back in the early 70s.It rings beautifully tone wise but strings are a full 1/4 inch off the fret board at the 12th fret.i am not a luthier but i dont think it can be lowered.Any thoughts on that?No meat on the saddle to trim or nut.

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    Sounds like your Garcia guitar needs a neck reset - if possible.
    That would restore proper fingerboard to saddle height relationship and correct high action.

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    Thanks!!! i have call in to see about that!!!actually its the father of my freind who just bought a Cervantes whois going to look at iy but i will approach cauciously!

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    Most guitars can be fixed, but take the opportunity to play your friend's Cervantes. Your Garcia may just need to be straightened with heat and moisture, or perhaps the top has domed, that's more serious.

    I think that the most successful Cordoba guitars are the ones outfitted with pickup systems. Their purely acoustic guitars are uneven, make sure you get to play any guitar before you buy it. I have found some great buys by playing every available guitar in the style I was looking for, flamenco, classical, electric, whatever it might be.

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    I own a Cervantes flamenco.. actually made by Carlos Pena(Pina)
    Excellent guitar.

    Before you put any time and money into the Garcia.. there was no such maker as Garcia.. this was a figment of Sherry Brener's imagination. Do a search.. you'll find more than you want to hear/read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronjazz View Post

    I think that the most successful Cordoba guitars are the ones outfitted with pickup systems. Their purely acoustic guitars are uneven, make sure you get to play any guitar before you buy it.
    I agree. I found a Cordoba C7 cedar top that is just awesome. I played it and my ears told me all I needed to know. I almost threw my shoulder out of socket getting my money out of my pocket to buy it.

    but like Ron said, be sure to play them before you buy them. I got lucky, they are not all created equally. that's the thing with factory made guitars. Some of them are real crap, but every now and then the pieces just come together and you get a really good one, too.

    If you want to talk about some serious student guitars, the Kremona guitars from eastern Europe are good value for the money as well.

    Also the Esteve guitars are very good value for the money. They have several models under $1,000. Francisco Esteve from Alboraya, Spain, near Valencia. That's who to look up.

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    One common problem with flat-tops is that the bridge can start to pull free from the top. It doesn't take much to raise the action. If you can get a piece of paper under any part of the bridge, it needs to be reglued. That can be done by any competent repair person, for not a huge amount of money. But it's also possible that the top is doming while the bridge is still tight. That's a more difficult, thus more expensive, problem.

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    Alejandro Cervantes builds one of the best guitars in its price. It was one of the best and sweetest voiced spruce tops I auditioned at Rosewood Guitars in Seattle. I like Córdoba guitars. I have played numerous Córdoba C3, C5, C7, C9, C10, Solista, but the Cervantes was a breed above those beautifully built Chinese Cordoba models. Cervantes are luthier built, and not a factory guitar like Córdoba.

    I have auditioned many Kremona, Orpheus Valley, Alambra, Córdoba, Manuel Rodriguez, and Ramirez. The guitar that stole my heart was the Kenny Hill New World P650 cedar top. Kenny is a master builder of $5-10K concert instruments. His New World line are built in his wholly owned Chinese factory graced at beginning and intermediate level <$2500. Quality control is excellent from his factory. Street pice for the P650 ~$1400-1450. I have found nothing better in terms of equality of build or tone in its price. It is a Córdoba killer, which sounds thin and lesser after

    As as an aside, it is Kenny Hill that helped voice the Córdoba product line.