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    I make music instruments (violins,guitars ,cello,etc...) from used and alternative material...(paper ,cloths,synthetic leather ,etc)....

    I make the first in the world classic guitar from used paper ...

    All the guitar (soundboard, neck ,ribs and back is only from paper...)...i use wood only in the fingerboard.

    This guitar is a prototype and i use in the rosette real leaf....

    I have already make and other guitar ...and i present it in the next days...

    I hope you like it...


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Far out!!! How does it sound? What a Great idea.

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    Sounds cool man, is it as strong as wood?

    and marshall, there's a youtube clip if you want to hear how it sounds

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    I'm very impressed. That's an unbelievable sound from paper.

    The paper has to be in some matrix like epoxy or something to stiffen it up so that it can bear the load of the strings and have such a strong resonance. Is this correct?

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    Hi....and thanks all for a kid words....

    the*doctor....yes is very strong....maybe better from wood ....because break very difficult ....and is much lighter ... the doctor say i have already put a video....

    4thstuning....i use epoxy clue only to clued the piece of the guitar ....

    To make the body harder give good and load sound i use one eco clue and varnish .....only.

    Listen and look and this ....

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    very cool.....

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    I'd buy one made from hemp.

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    Ok...i don't have a problem to make for you one....from hemp.

    But with this in cannabis cloth...
    If you don't like the sound ...or the look...maybe you try to smoke....

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    Hemp Tweed! Great for amps.

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    I have a guitar and the body and neck are made from raw pre-pulped paper stock, carved and glued together into an acoustic guitar.

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    You have guitar from paper???

    Any photos and video with the sound??

    The guitar is hand made from you ...or someone else??

    I now about electric guitar made some parts from paper...but i think acoustic or classic guitar nothing....and i mean all the guitar ....

    I have made the patent about that to make all the stringed music instruments from all the soft and flexible material...

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    And i make and this one with little jazz looks...

    I have inside and piezo electric pick up...and i make and video with the sound from pick up....



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    Quote Originally Posted by ecoart band

    You have guitar from paper???

    It was a joke... sorry. Raw unpulped paper=wood. It's like calling a wooden house unprocessed chipboard. OK, maybe not so funny,

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    I don't have a problem with the joke...

    Just i am a curious ...because before i make all this and the application for the patent ...i check very good all the possibility to make someone something like that before...and curious to see and listen it if exist ...

    I am sure some people ...from now and in the future to try to make something like my instruments or similar....

    I begin now to make one piano ,contrabass and flute...for my band (ecoart band) with used and alternative my guitars and violins...but with crazy looks...


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    Classical builder Torres built a guitar out of paper mache and spruce. If you want a good analysis of materials, the physics and aesthetics of guitars, and why one material would have an advantage (strength to weigh ratios, efficient radiation of energy to optimize projection of a wide range of intervals, etc.) write to Alan Carruth. He's an archtop builder that archtop builders go to. He's kind of an acoustics wizard with all sorts of instruments but especially guitars.
    People go to him when they've got a funky note in their guitar, a wolf tone, a dip in frequency here or there, and he isolates the problem and most times does a miraculous transformation.
    He's into alternative woods and materials too.

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    Thanks David for the information about the Alan Carruth....

    As about the Torres ...i know...but Torres made from paper only the back and the ribs...
    I make all the guitar from paper ( i have violin made all from paper and one all made from denim jeans cloth) ...also and the fingerboard.

    Maybe after i finish and the new one guitar i made this time ....and hear the sound with Alan....

    I make one fat and one thin guitar sound board see and hear the difference ....
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    Hi Chris,
    First of all I really like what you're doing!
    I wonder if you can answer a few questions, cause I'm writing a scription about instruments from alternative material, and te sustainabillity of these.
    I read you use paper and eco-glue, and wood for the fingerboard, and I wondered why you can't use paper for the fingerboard?
    And also, have you used other materials, not including the snare's and stuff ;-)
    greetz, Bernike