A heads up for fellow forum members that the great Peter Mazza is giving a live webinar today, Saturday 15th May, hosted by My Music Masterclass.
The webinar is at 11.30am PST / 2.30pm EST.

The subject is arranging ballads, introductions and endings for solo guitar.

Peter has a remarkable and very personal approach to solo guitar and is an incredibly generous teacher. I've been studying online with him in recent months and found that he doesn't hold anything back and is able to break down exactly what he's doing.

There have been a number of discussions here on the forum about My Music Masterclass. They've been producing some great instructional content in recent years from many of my favourite musicians on the US scene. Their live webinars during this last year are interactive AND you'll get the edited video with transcriptions for free when it's later released as a digital download. Highly recommended!

Booking link: Peter Mazza (Live Webinar: 05/15/2021) - "Chord Melody Ballads"

Peter Mazza chord-melody webinar today for My Music Masterclass-pmazza_live_002-1-png