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    I hope you like it. All comments are welcome.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Lovely arrangement and playing! Thanks for posting!

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    Very very nice !!

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    OLE !!

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    Well done, Caesar,
    Nice pacing, clean/rounded tone y gran sentimiento! I enjoyed your playing. I will, however, make a criticism based on my own playing experience--when I first began to play Classical guitar, I learned a technique that was, for me, the polar opposite of my electric guitar experience in almost every way. And, when I gave my first recital on CG, a friend videoed my performance. When I played it back, I felt good about my playing(with some minor blips) but was disturbed by my facial grimaces. They are very distracting to the listener in a video and may effect one's perception of the performance. You need to work on this if you're going to perform for an audience since many find it distracting. Otherwise, great job!

    Tocar en vivo . . . Marinero

    P.S. Even today, when playing some very technical passages, I'll fall back into my old habit. M

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    I know, it's something I have to work on, but it is very difficult for me, if I focus on my face, I lose concentration on my playing.
    Thanks for your comment.