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    This type of thing is more precious than gold to me.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thanks for that! Really interesting to hear their different perspectives.

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    That's a beautiful thing on many different levels. And humbling. I have a LOT of work to do if I'm ever gonna get any good at playing alone. Time to give iReal a rest. Thanks for posting. I hope they do many more.

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    I went to a JS workshop where every tune he played he would make each and every chord one of the 7 modes of melodic minor. It didn't matter what the tune was, he would do it. Art Lande does this sort of thing too in his clinics. John's other thing was triad patterns for improvisation.

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    This is brilliant. Can't recall anything similar with two master musicians comparing their approaches in real time. Wish there was more of it!

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    In the video above, John says something like "some people think I'm always lost". I will admit that some players do lose me from time to time. A recording helps because I can go back and re-listen and try harder to follow the line of thinking. But I'm a noob in this space, so factor that in.

    On YT there is a video of a session with Lenny Breau and producer Chet Atkins. Before the trio starts the tune Chet tells Lenny to "play the melody for a good couple of minutes first. People like to hear the melody". Or something like that.

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    Hey guys,
    John and I have shot 3 of these sessions and will do at least 1 or 2 more. they will be presented for sale by Mikes Master Classes very soon
    thanks for your enthusiastic comments.
    all the best

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    Some have asked me.."what was it like to study with Ted Greene.." now I can show them this vid..

    as Tim says...and this is ONLY the first 8 bars...then JS says..and here we are 40 mins later.. and in that very small amout of musical and real time could fill many YEARS 0f study
    of harmony melody and rythem

    the chords that JS uses and his reach are just unreal..but note how his fretboard is almost vertical and his wrist and hand are almost trying to be on top and not behind the fretbaard